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Apple iPhone 6 review: A good iPhone that belongs in the past

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Price when reviewed : £619

This old-generation iPhone 6 is showing its age – get the 6S or the SE instead.


iPhone 6 review: Connectivity

LTE support has been upgraded in the handset so that the UK model supports all native 4G networks and plenty worldwide for roaming. Call quality is excellent, as we’ve come to expect from Apple, with clear and detailed voices.

There’s been a Wi-Fi boost to 802.11ac networking, too, supporting a maximum throughput of 150Mbit/s. That’s great news for large iCloud backups and for downloading apps, although you’ll need a matching router and fast internet connection to really see the difference. Apple has also enabled Wi-Fi calling so that you can make and receive phone calls over a wireless network; EE has pledged support for the technology, although it hasn’t implemented it yet.

iPhone 6 review: Storage options

There’s no microSD card slot for increasing storage space, so you’re stuck with the capacity that you buy. Models start at 16GB (£539), skip 32GB and then there’s a 64GB (£619) and a massive 128GB (£699). Dropping 32GB feels like a shame to us, as this feels as though it should have been the entry-level model.

iPhone 6 review: Verdict

Although the iPhone 6 is considerably bigger than the iPhone 5S, Apple has done a good job not making it feel so. As such, this feels like the natural successor to the older smartphone and a worthy upgrade – it’s faster and the bigger screen really works, making the previous model look a little old-fashioned.

iPhone 6 volume buttons

Competition-wise, at this size there’s the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which has great build quality, but a slightly lower resolution screen and it’s not as fast. It’s the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact that really gives this phone a run for your money, it’s cheaper by around £270 over two years, has a great camera and a huge battery life. It’s not as quick as the iPhone 6, though, and its plastic build can’t match the aluminium body of the Apple handset.

Things look set to change in the very near future, with Samsung pulling out all of the stops for its latest flagship handsets, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Built of metal and glass, with 64bit processors and QHD AMOLED displays, these two new handsets look set to give Apple a real run for its money. We’ll be bringing you reviews of these handsets as soon as they’re available, but if you’re not decided over whether you want an Apple phone or an Android phone, the Galaxy S6 is definitely worth waiting for to help you make your final decision.

Overall, the iPhone 6 may not have the highest specifications, but as we’ve said before you can’t read too much from specs alone, as it’s the overall quality that counts. In these terms, the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone that Apple has ever made. Its sharp and clear screen is brilliant, and iOS 8 neatly uses the most of the extra resolution. Then, there’s the lightning-fast processor, combined with the slickest and smoothest OS, giving a brilliant user experience. To top it all off, you know that this phone will automatically get the next version of iOS on the day of release.

With Apple’s ecosystem improving all of the time, an iPhone isn’t just about the handset, but how it plays and interacts with other devices and it’s here that the real advantage lies. With iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple’s phone works brilliantly with all of your other devices, letting you share tasks seamlessly and even answer phone calls from other devices.

This whole package is what really makes the iPhone such a great choice, and the excellent hardware is just another bonus. The iPhone 6 Plus might have the slightly more detailed screen and OIS, but its size means that it isn’t for everyone. For the perfect, all-rounder, every-day phone for most people the iPhone 6 is the best choice. If you’re wondering if you should upgrade from an older phone, read our iPhone 5S vs iPhone 6 comparison. Finally, if you want to know what the competition is like, read our guide to the best smartphones.

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