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Fancy an iPhone Xs? Amazon has lopped £150 off Apple’s latest smartphone

256GB for the price of 64!

There’s no getting around it: the iPhone Xs is expensive, and while I’m about to tell you where you can get £150 off the RRP, it’s still hardly the value proposition.
But given “iPhones are expensive” is hardly a scoop, I’ll just get to the point: Amazon is currently selling the 256GB iPhone Xs in space grey for £999 – a saving of £150, or 13%.
Unfortunately, the 256GB model is the only version on sale. If you were hoping of driving the price down by picking up the 64GB model, then you’ll be gutted to find out that’s going for exactly the same price.
That said, buying the 64GB version to save a few quid is a false economy in my book. Remember that iPhones have never had expandable storage, so what you buy is what you’re stuck with. Suffice it to say that 64GB is a bit stingy these days – even with judicious use of iCloud.
Making a big deal of a phone going for a pound under a grand may seem unusual, but bear in mind that Apple stuff is virtually never discounted. And while I still wouldn’t exactly call this a bargain, there is at least a reason Apple can justify the price in this case: it’s a very, very good phone indeed.
In our tests, the iPhone Xs’ new A12 Bionic chip made mincemeat of its fastest Android rivals:

On top of that, it also offers the best video capture on any phone we’ve seen, bar none. Not only does it capture 4K video at 60fps, fully stablised, but it does so with stunning detail and smooth transitions as light levels change. It’s “insanely good” as Jon wrote in his review.
In fact, it was a glowing review all round, so I’ll quote from his verdict: “If you’re firmly an iPhone fan but prefer a smaller screen, then you won’t be disappointed.   
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