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Amazon’s Galaxy Note 8 deal is worth a look for phablet fans

It may not be Samsung’s latest Note, but the differences are minor

Unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S handsets, which tend to start expensive and drop rapidly, the S Pen-packed Note handsets tend to maintain their high cost of entry. That’s annoying, given they have similar specs but with the added convenience of the bigger screen and that built-in stylus.

That’s why this Galaxy Note 8 deal from Amazon may be worth a look if you like your phones a bit more on the phabletty side. The 64GB model in black is now available for £479.99, and it comes with a free 64GB microSD card, taking your total storage to 128GB. There’s also an option to pay in five monthly installments of £96 if that sounds a bit much to swallow in one go.

If you’re loathe to spend nearly £500 on a smartphone that’s approaching two years old, I hear your concern, but would suggest that the Note 8 is a bit of an anomaly on that score. It was extremely powerful at the time, packing 6GB RAM alongside the same Exynos 8895 processor used in the Galaxy S8 meaning that it’s a smooth performer even today. Yes, you could spend £20 more on the OnePlus 6T and get a slightly faster phone, but you’d be missing out on the magic of the S Pen, which lets you sketch, note take and doodle on that stunning 6.37in display.

In fact, our Note 9 review highlighted the fact that it wasn’t that big an improvement on the Note 8 – and given the Note 9 still tends to command a price of over £800, this feels like an appealing compromise for those that want a Note, but don’t want to spend the Earth.

Yes, the Note 10 is probably only a few months away, but there’s no way it’s going to match this for value.  

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