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Sony has a generous trade-in offer if you buy a new Xperia phone

Double-value Sony vouchers for your old phone

Sony has unveiled an interesting new offer to tempt people to try their pretty solid Xperia handsets: the company will pay double the usual trade-in value for your old phone in Sony vouchers if you buy one of its phones.
Given Sony makes a range of brilliant headphones, speakers and Bravia television sets, that’s potentially pretty exciting for people who want new hardware outside of the phone. For some reason, PlayStation stuff isn’t included, mind. Boo.
Just visit Sony’s trade-in website, and you can see exactly how much you can get for your current handset from a handy drop-down menu. This goes all the way up to £900 in Sony vouchers for an iPhone X, but older phones are in the mix too. An iPhone SE will get you £110 in vouchers, for example, while a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 would get you £150’s worth.
These figures rely on a phone with no damage though, and only “average wear and tear.” If you have cracks or moderate liquid damage, the trade-in price will be heavily reduced. My old cracked 32GB S7, for example, would only get £52 worth of vouchers.
Sony says the offer applies to the entire Xperia range, which means it begins with the £169 Xperia L3 and goes all the way up to the £799 XZ2 Premium with its wholly unnecessary 4K screen.
No, these aren’t the best bang-for-buck handsets by any means, and as they have to be bought from Sony directly you don’t get the benefits of shopping around, but the vouchers certainly soften the blow somewhat. Trading in a 128GB iPhone 7 Plus would get £490 worth of vouchers, for example, letting you buy a fancy new TV alongside your new handset.
I asked Sony when the promotion would be ending, and was told that that’s TBC, so it’s likely this will still be running when the Xperia 1 launches. Though obviously that would be a gamble on your part if you want to wait…  
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