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The Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally coming back

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is gearing up for a September launch

Samsung has just confirmed that its first foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, will arrive in September. While the firm has been teasing the Galaxy Fold since the beginning of the year, Samsung has reportedly been conducting rigorous tests and making necessary improvements in the build-up to its imminent release.

The Galaxy Fold got off to a slow start, with delays earlier in the year thanks to a spate of screen malfunctions and hardware issues, which ultimately pushed back its projected April 2019 release date. But good things come to those who wait, of course, and fans now have just two months to go until they can finally get their hands on the most interesting-looking member of the Galaxy family.

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The device will reportedly benefit from late-addition fortifications, including an extra layer on top of the Infinity Flex Display which has been extended beyond the bezel, ensuring greater structural integrity. Samsung has also confirmed that the handset will come with additional reinforcements to better protect the device from “external particles” while maintaining the necessary flexibility for its foldable design.

Other improvements include extra metal layers under the Infinity Flex Display to reinforce the handset’s screen, while reducing the space between the Galaxy Fold’s body and hinge.

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Consumers will be able to purchase the finely tuned device in September, with Samsung promising a revolutionised smartphone experience. Users will be able to hold the device in one hand for ease of use, while the immersive display and luxury finishings give the Galaxy Fold an enduring edge – suggesting it won’t be the novelty gimmick some thought it might be.

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