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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 deals: The best deals on Samsung’s new flagship phablet

Samsung's newest phablets have just hit shelves - here are the best contracts out there

While the world waits with bated breath for Samsung’s elusive Galaxy Fold, the Korean tech giant has just launch its latest big-screened smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10 and its beefy brother, the Note 10 Plus. While the latest-generation phablet doesn’t represent any great leap forward in terms of capability and innovation, it still does what it does extremely well, and is bound to please both Samsung diehards and those who like their handsets super-sized. 

 Seriously: we’re talking big here. As you can read in our full hands-on review, the Note 10 boasts a 6.3in screen (while its big brother, the Note 10 Plus, features a gigantic 6.8in display) a brand-new Exynos 9825 chipset, a stylus for all your tablet-scribbling needs, and seriously skinny bezels. There were certain aspects of the new devices we weren’t so keen on (the absence of a 3.5mm jack will irk non-Bluetooth headphone users), but as a whole, these new devices reaffirm Samsung as a maker of some of the best smartphones on the market.

Below, we’ve listed the best Note 10 and Note 10 Plus deals out there, based on the typical criteria: data, upfront cost, monthly cost and so on. We’ll also be updating this page as time goes on, so even if you don’t plan to pick up one up straight away, keep a look out for some awesome offers.

Best Galaxy Note 10 deals

If you have a contract all set up and ready to go, you’ll find the Galaxy Note 10 handset is available from £869 at a number of retailers, including Amazon. It’s certainly no small amount of cash to cough up, but hey: this is a flagship device fresh off the production line. 

Buy sim-free from Amazon

Best for low upfront costs: O2 with

Yes, you’ll find deals out there with a zero upfront cost for the Note 10, but trust us when we say that we’ve done the maths and the overall cost is not worth it. But with this deal from O2, you’ll only part with £10 upfront – and thereafter it’s £59 a month for unlimited texts and minutes and 60GB of data. Not bad at all.

Data: 60GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £59 | Upfront cost: £10 | Lifetime cost: £1426

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Best for loads of data: Vodafone with Carphone Warehouse

If you’re a dedicated data-guzzler, take a look at this contract from Vodafone: you’ll get limitless data for £51 a month. That’s certainly not a small amount of cash to cough up each month, but the upfront handset cost is just £80. 

Data: Unlimited | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 12 months | Monthly cost: £51 | Upfront cost: £80 | Lifetime cost: £1304

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Best for low monthly costs: Tesco Mobile

Tesco’s mobile service definitely comes out as the cheapest on a monthly basis, at just £37.49. Admittedly, that does just give you a meagre 2GB of monthly data… plus you’re signing up for a 36-month contract. But if data’s not your thing, and you’re willing to commit, this might be the deal for you. 

Data: 2GB | Minutes: 5000 mins | Texts: 5000 Contract length: 36 months | Monthly cost: £37.49 | Upfront cost: None | Lifetime cost: £1350

Buy now from Tesco Mobile

Best Galaxy Note 10 Plus deals

As you can read in our hands-on review, the Note 10 Plus feels like so much more than a perfunctory ‘big brother’, and is very much a device in its own right. If you’re willing to spend in this bracket for a standalone handset, the extra £130 on Amazon for the plus-sized Note 10 seems like a worthy investment. There’s also the 5G-ready version for (gulp) £1,099. 

Buy sim-free from Amazon

Best for low upfront costs: O2 with Carphone Warehouse

Again, O2 offers the best if you’re keen to keep your upfront spending to a minimum. That £71pm cost is a tad eye-watering – but this is the turbo version of a flagship device, after all. That 60GB of data should keep all but the most ravenous happy, too.

Data: 60GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £71 | Upfront cost: £10 | Lifetime cost: £1714

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Best for loads of data: Vodafone with

Okay, that upfront cost is likely to leave your wallet smarting – but in the long term it’ll be worth it, as the lifetime cost is a good £500 less than similar unlimited-data contracts. Dig deep now; reap the benefits later!

Data: Unlimited | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £47 | Upfront cost: £330 | Lifetime cost: £1458

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Best for low monthly costs: Tesco Mobile

Once again, it’s Tesco that offers the best monthly cost for the Note 10 Plus, albeit with that paltry 2GB data and three-year contract length. But the overall lifetime cost is impressive for a big-brother device, and it’s only an extra £4.50 a month over the Note 10.

Data: 2GB | Minutes: 5000 mins | Texts: 5000 | Contract length: 36 months | Monthly cost: £42 | Upfront cost: None | Lifetime cost: £1512

Buy now from Tesco Mobile

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