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Pick up a PS4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for FREE with these Sony handset deals

Two major providers are giving away this console bundle with contracts for the Sony Xperia 1, 5, 10 and Sony X3

Another day, another great giveaway with a number of phone contracts.

Right now, if you pick up one of a number of Sony handsets from either Carphone Warehouse or, you can also claim a PS4 completely free of charge.

Just one day after announced it was giving away a free Nintendo Switch Lite with a number of Samsung and Huawei mid-range phones, both it and Carphone Warehouse reveal this pretty astonishing giveaway.

And it’s not just the console itself that you’re getting, either: included in this bundle is the newly-released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – already garnering lots of rave reviews online. These are two items currently on sale for £209 at Currys PC World – making this a pretty spectacular deal-sweetener.

Of course, you may want to hold on for Black Friday, when we expect to see more of these awesome freebies being dished out by network providers. But if you’re a gaming fan and you also happen to be on the hunt for a new phone, this might be your time to strike.

A number of different networks are offering these deals via the two retailers. Some are great for low upfront costs, others for shedloads of monthly data, others for a low monthly bill – you know the drill. We’ve lined up a selection of contracts below for your perusal. Enjoy!

Pick up a free PS4 bundle with these contracts

Sony Xperia 1 with EE

Yep, that monthly cost made us wince a bit too. But with it, you get data in limitless supply for a handset that we awarded four stars when we reviewed it, calling out its ultra-crisp 21:9 OLED screen and a camera that outperforms most of its rivals.

Data: Unlimited | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £67 Upfront cost: £50 | Lifetime cost: £1,658

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Sony Xperia 5 with EE

Here’s a great contract if you want to smooth out your spending over the course of the contract, and keep handset costs to a minimum. Read our review of the Xperia 5 for a detailed verdict on this high-performing phone.

Data: 60GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £49 | Upfront cost: £10 | Lifetime cost: £1,186

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Sony Xperia 10 with O2

Here’s one from Sony’s range that we gave a rather tempered three-star review to – but if you’re looking for an affordable phone with zero upfront cost, this is a great choice. Did we mention you get a free PlayStation at the end of it?

Data: 45GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £37 | Upfront cost: None | Lifetime cost: £888

Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

Sony L3 with O2

There’s no shame in going for a budget-end phone if your needs a minimal, and we rather liked Sony’s entry-level offering, as you can read in our review. The monthly cost is low, and the upfront cost neglible. 

Data: 12GB | Minutes: Unlimited | Texts: Unlimited | Contract length: 24 months | Monthly cost: £29 | Upfront cost: £10 | Lifetime cost: £706

Buy now from

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