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Amazon cuts the price of the Galaxy A70 for Black Friday

Get the Galaxy A70 for £40 less as part of the Black Friday sales

The Galaxy A70 is currently £40 cheaper as part of Amazon’s Black Friday sale, bringing the price of the handset down from £369 to £329.

The deal looks to mimic that on Samsung, which also cuts £40 from the price of the Galaxy A70. Regardless of where you buy, the phone is worth considering if you’re in the market for something in between the budget and mid-range price points. 

“Samsung’s tendrils have well and truly found their way into every nook and cranny of the smartphone space,” wrote Nathan Spendelow in our five-star review. “No matter how plump your wallet is, there’s a Samsung phone that fits the bill. […] The freshly squeezed Galaxy A70 is yet another Samsung phone that intends to plug the ever-widening gap between the top and bottom ends of the phone spectrum.”

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We gave the Galaxy A70 one of our Best Buy awards, and praised its impressive battery life and superb triple camera array. The Super AMOLED screen is also very good, especially for the relatively small amount you’d be paying for it. 

“Having navigated that dangerously fine line between affordability and high-end features, Samsung appears to have stumbled on the right ingredients with the Galaxy A70,” wrote Spendelow. “It might lack the fancy rotating selfie camera of its pricier A80 counterpart, but in the areas that matter the Galaxy A70 is just the ticket if you’re not fond of handing over flagship-sized sums.”

You can find the deal for the Galaxy A70 on Amazon by following the link below. If you’re shopping around for Black Friday offers, you may also want to check out our dedicated hub, where we’ll be collecting the latest and greatest offers on everything from smartphones and TVs to gaming consoles and wearables. 

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