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Google Pixel 5 release date: Here’s what you need to know about the next Google flagship

Wondering when we might get a release date for the Google Pixel 5? Here’s what we know so far

The Google Pixel 5 release date is no doubt a long way off. In fact, we’re still waiting on the launch of the mid-range Google Pixel 4a. That said, there’s nothing like a bit of speculation to tide us over as we wait impatiently for the Next Big Thing from the tech giant.

As it happens, we’re not alone. You’re here because you want to know when the Google Pixel 5 will launch; how much it will cost; and what Google will do to reclaim the title of Android champion.

The good news is, we have the answers – or at least, the closest thing to answers at this very, very early stage. For everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 5, read on.

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Google Pixel 5: Everything we know so far

Google Pixel 5 release date: When will it launch?

We don’t know when the Google Pixel 5 will launch, and if we somehow did, we’d no doubt have Sundar Pichai on the phone threatening us with legal action. Fortunately, we have precedent to work with.

Precedent tells us that Google likes the month of October. The Google 4 launched on 24 October 2019; the Pixel 3, on 18 October 2018 (in the US); the Pixel 2, on 19 October 2017; and the Google Pixel, on 21 February 2017. Alright, so that last one is a bit of an anomaly – or it would be, but for the fact that the phone was announced on 4 October 2016.

The reason for this is simple: Google hosts its Made by Google event every year at the same time. As a result, we predict that the Google Pixel 5 will launch – you guessed it – October 2020.

The only flaw in this otherwise fool-proof deduction is the coronavirus, which has thrown several large spanners into the works across the globe. The launch of the mid-range Pixel 4a has been delayed so drastically that we reckon it will have a knock-on effect on the launch of the Pixel 5 – though nothing is confirmed.

Google Pixel 5 price: How much will it cost?

Frankly, there’s no way we’ll know how much the Pixel 5 will cost until the handset launches. In the meantime, let’s run through those phones again:

  • Google Pixel 4 launch price: From £669
  • Google Pixel 3 launch price: From £739
  • Google Pixel 2 launch price: From £629
  • Google Pixel launch price: From £599

As you can see, there’s no real trend. If we had to make a prediction, we’d say that the base level handset probably won’t break the £800 mark. Furthermore, taking the rumoured downgrade to Snapdragon 765G into consideration, we can expect an even lower price. Google phones do tend to marginally undercut their competitors on price, although obviously you’ll pay more for increased storage – and more again for the XL models. 

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Google Pixel 5 design: What will it look like?

Right now, the design of the Pixel 5 remains a closely guarded secret (shocking, I know). We’ll continue to add to the below image gallery as we find more renders, hands-on leaks and mock-ups, but for now, here’s a brief look at some potential designs from Jon Prosser and Pigtou, as well as the CAD images upon which the Pigtou renders are based (from Stephen McFly on Twitter).

The first two images with the xleaks7 and Pigtou watermark apparently depict the Pixel 5 and Pixel 5 XL, although you’ll be hard-pressed to spot any differences between them. The standout features here are the hole-punch selfie camera — marking the end of Soli – and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, which is seemingly making a welcome return this year.

The third image, meanwhile, is a render featured in a video by Jon Prosser, and marks a substantial departure from any previous Pixel designs. The centrally aligned camera array houses THREE rear snappers, in what we reckon is the ugliest take on the “camera bump” we’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping it isn’t legitimate. 

Google Pixel 5 specs: What we know so far

Full specs list

Sadly, this section is looking a little sparse at the moment, but don’t worry: we’ll be updating this page (and the table below) with new specs as soon as we have them. For now, we’re focusing solely on the Pixel 5. 

Google Pixel 5 specs (rumoured)
Google Pixel 5
ProcessorSnapdragon 765G
Camera (rear)Dual (specifics unknown)
Camera (front)Single (specifics unknown)

Processor: There are actually two Qualcomm processors in contention here. The first is the Snapdragon 765G, spotted by 9to5Google in Google Search update code (of all places). This is an upper mid-range processor we originally thought we’d see inside the Google Pixel 4a – the “G” tells us that this particular System-on-a-Chip (SoC) has been optimised for gaming.
The second option is the Snapdragon 768G, which is really just a newer version of the 765G with a higher clock speed and a marginally better GPU. We’d certainly rather see this one powering the Pixel 5; perhaps it will power the Pixel 5 XL, if it exists.
We’ll be regularly updating this page with the latest Google Pixel 5 rumours, so check back again soon.

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