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The Motorola Razr is up for preorder, if you’re rich enough

Hell no, Moto

2020 is the year when the flip phone returns, thanks to Motorola. But having seen the preorder prices now listed by EE, it’s probably safe to say that very few people will be rushing to put in their credit card details.
To be clear, we already knew the Razr was going to be pricey, with Motorola revealing a SIM-free price of €1,599 (~£1,349.57), but it’s only when you look at the contract prices that you realise quite what a drain on the bank account it’ll be.
The cheapest package – and I use the term relatively – will set you back £94 per month, plus an upfront fee of £100. For that, you get unlimited minutes and texts, and 10GB of 4G data per month. Tot that up and you come to a total of £2,356 over the duration of a 24-month contract.
If that doesn’t sound like enough data, you can get 60GB for £99 per month, on top of a £50 upfront fee. That’ll set you back £2,462 over the duration of your contract.
If you want all that and a bag of chips, then the £114-per-month contract is for you. That brings the upfront cost down to £30 as well as giving you unlimited data and two swappable benefits, such as Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport or the use of your data in the USA or Australia. That’ll be £2,766 over the 24 months.    
There’s no sugarcoating it: these are big, big numbers. But they all do come with a free travel pouch. So that’s something, I guess.
For this kind of money, you might be expecting cutting-edge specs, but beyond the party trick folding screen, it’s distinctly middling. You’re looking at a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor backed by 6GB RAM. That’s the same innards as the Oppo RX17 Pro and Realme 3 Pro – phones that sell for £549 and £219 respectively. 
That’s a lot to pay for a folding screen, no matter how great it looks. Here’s a video we took when we saw it first hand last year, to help you decide if it’s worth it.

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