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This could be the best Pixel 6 deal since Black Friday

Get a Google Pixel 6 with unlimited data for just £34/mth with Vodafone

Since Google’s latest handsets launched late last year, we’ve seen a handful of eye-catching Pixel 6 deals, with the most tantalising naturally falling around Black Friday. Now that we’ve edged over into a new year, the hunt is on to find the best Pixel 6 deal that 2022 has to offer, and we’ve already found a strong contender with this bargain offer. has several deals on the Pixel 6 from various networks, but the most enticing by far comes from Vodafone. The Pixel 6 with an unlimited data package would normally cost you £49/mth, but with the cashback scheme offered here, you wind up paying just £34/mth. That’s also with absolutely no upfront cost.

Considering that a brand new Google Pixel 6 costs £599, this deal equates to paying just £217 for 24 months of unlimited mobile data.

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Admittedly, the cashback redemption does take a little effort, but given the total saving of £360 over the 24 months, it’s definitely worth putting the time in. Once you’ve registered for an account at, you need to submit your phone bills for months 7, 12, 16, 20 and 24 (a table will tell you exactly what months these will be when you make your purchase). You’ll then be credited with a cheque for £72, totalling an overall saving of £360.

Of course, this deal isn’t just about the savings – you’re also getting one of the smartest, best-value phones on the market right now. The most notable new features are Google’s proprietary Tensor chipset, which delivers lightning-quick performance, and the camera array, which can only be described as astonishing. For the same price that the Pixel 5 first retailed at, the improvements offered by the Pixel 6 are an incredible bargain.

As for the network, Vodafone offers good speeds on both 4G and 5G, with the latest research showing it as the second-fastest of the UK’s major networks, behind EE. Coverage and reliability are also solid enough, even if 5G availability still has some way to go before it’s on a par with competitors.

The only major downside to Vodafone was its customer service scores. It doesn’t have the most Ofcom complaints per 100,000 subscribers (that honour goes to Virgin, with Three coming in second and Vodafone a close third), but the numbers are nevertheless uninspiring. Still, you aren’t all that likely to use customer service during your contract, so this deal could well be worth the risk.

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While not as good a bargain as its smaller sibling, the Pixel 6 Pro also benefits from this offer, with the unlimited data package costing you just £43/mth (£49/mth before cashback redemption). By itself, the Pixel 6 Pro costs £849, so this deal essentially gives you 24 months of unlimited data for £183.

Though we found both to be exceptional phones, we didn’t rate the Pixel 6 Pro quite as highly as the standard Pixel 6, purely because the latter offers unparalleled value for money. If you don’t mind spending a little more, however, the Pixel 6 Pro is extremely well priced, and benefits from a serious performance boost and a powerfully versatile camera array.

To see more of our thoughts on both of Google’s latest smartphones, you can check out our reviews of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, where both were rated five stars, as well as earning our Best Buy and Recommended awards, respectively.

If you prefer to buy your handset outright and shop for a contract separately, our roundup of the best SIM-only deals has all of the most valuable offers of the month from all the top networks.

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