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Samsung Galaxy S22 Colours: Pick your ideal shade with our extensive colour guide

Colour us impressed – Samsung’s latest smartphone comes in a veritable rainbow of hues

Samsung’s latest batch of smartphones comprises three devices – the Samsung Galaxy S22, the S22 Plus and the S22 Ultra. Each model is an exciting new entry into the smartphone market in its own right, but for this roundup, we’re only interested in one thing: what exciting colours you can get them in.

There are several options on offer, with both the standard S22 and the S22 Plus coming in the same selection of shades, while the S22 Ultra separates itself from its cheaper brethren with a slight variation on the colour lineup.

To make things more complicated, certain colours can only be had by ordering directly from Samsung’s website. We’ve highlighted these exclusive options, so you can clearly see which colours you can get from your mobile provider of choice, and which will require you to go right to the source. It’s also worth noting that the online exclusive colours require special production, so expect to wait slightly longer to receive these options.

Whichever version of the S22 most floats your boat, and whichever colour you take the brightest shine to, the correct combination for you can be found below. If you’re not completely sold on the new Samsung just yet, you can check out our first hands-on impressions of the S22, the S22 Plus and the S22 Ultra to see why you should be excited.

Otherwise, dive on in and browse through our complete guide to the many colours of the Samsung Galaxy S22 range.

Phantom Black – All models

If you have a penchant for a very specific shade (like Batman, or a broken printer), allow me to put your mind at ease: this phone comes in black. Phantom Black, it’s called, and it’s exactly what you would expect: business in the front, business in the back. Just business, everywhere. The only light is the rear flashbulb, a single white star, twinkling away in the endless depths of black space. Crisp, clean and effortlessly stylish, a black phone, much like a little black dress, is a timeless classic for every occasion.

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Phantom White – All models

Do you like to live dangerously? On the edge? Do you look directly into the face of reason and laugh until your face hurts? You might just be the type of person who can handle owning a white phone. Where others see the potential for visible fingerprints and easily accumulated dirt, you see freshly driven snow, a blank page to be filled with adventure. Phantom White is the endless promise of something new, a clarity that usually only comes from hours of dedicated meditation. It’s a new beginning, perfect for your latest smartphone.

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Green – All models

It’s difficult to make Green sound as poetically beautiful as the above black and white, but buckle up because we’re giving it a go anyway. As you can see, this isn’t a vibrant spring green or a striking mint – it’s much more subtle and therefore more intriguing. This green is older than mighty forests and rolling hills: there’s wisdom here, an evergreen sense of endurance and, most importantly, a quiet elegance. It doesn’t waste energy trying to impress you, which of course just impresses you all the more.

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Pink Gold – Samsung Galaxy S22/S22 Plus only

Love pink? Love gold? Can’t decide between them? Then don’t. This dazzling blend of class and luxuriance insists it isn’t rose gold – and if you have to ask why, you don’t deserve to know.

It should be obvious from one look, but this isn’t going to be one to tuck discreetly into your pocket. Pink Gold strives for the ultimate balance between subtlety and splendour; it’s the star of the show and you’re just along for the ride. Bask in the glow and get ready to enjoy the high life.

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Burgundy – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra only

If you opt for the biggest, baddest model in the S22 range, you will, unfortunately, be unable to get it in Pink Gold. As far as consolation prizes go, however, this deep burgundy delight goes down smoother than the wine with which it shares a name. There’s something of the forbidden here, a sense that you’re having something you’re not supposed to. And that’s exciting. That said, you won’t want to hide Burgundy away – it’s far too striking to behold. Better to just embrace your decadent side and proudly display your intoxicating secret.

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Graphite – Online exclusive for all models

Here, we’re starting to get into the exclusive colours only available by ordering directly from Samsung’s website, and what better colour to begin with than a classic grey? Right away, this is aesthetically pleasing, with the stylish black strip running around the edges, as well as the raised camera hub on the S22 and S22 Plus, creating a stark two-tone effect. Graphite is Bond, it’s calm and cool, hands firmly on the wheel, completely in control. Wherever life takes you, Graphite will be stalwart in your pocket, a quiet assurance that you’ve got this handled.

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Sky Blue – Online exclusive for all models

The other online exclusive available for all models is pretty much the stark opposite of the above Graphite. Sky Blue, as the name would suggest, is a gentle hue reminiscent of a clear summer sky. The two-tone effect is present here again, with the S22 Ultra bordered in black and the S22/S22 Plus bearing ivory, a single fluffy cloud. Unlike Graphite, Sky Blue wouldn’t dream of taking control: rather, it trusts you implicitly, knowing that you’ll always do what’s right. It sees you for the best you can be and wants nothing more than to help you achieve it.

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Cream – Online exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S22/S22 Plus only

I’m not going to lie – Cream won’t be for everyone. And that’s fine, there are plenty of other options here. You’ll find something you like. Seriously: move on.

Okay, now that they’ve gone, we can be frank. This Cream colour looks delicious. It shouldn’t, it’s weird that it does, but it’s nothing short of mouth-watering. Like Sky Blue, Cream is complemented by an ivory-coloured strip, an apt dollop of whipped cream on top of the banana sundae. This colour is a dessert, daring you to take a bite. Phones shouldn’t make you hungry, but that’s just how alluring Cream is.

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Violet – Online exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S22/S22 Plus only

Make no mistake, this shade is no shrinking violet. It may not be as ostentatious as some of the other colours on this list – in fact, it may just be the most understated – but you know what they say about the quiet ones. Violet has something that no other colour can offer, with its unique two-tone effect bypassing the black and ivory-white used elsewhere for a slender strip of Pink Gold. This dash of elegance is a lavish accent piece, tying together an outfit that would otherwise be unremarkable. It’s the perfect blend of ordinary and extraordinary.

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Red – Online exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra only

It may not benefit from Cream or Violet, but the S22 Ultra has one last trick up its sleeve. Red is a colour that conjures a lot of strong emotions – it’s love, it’s hate, looming danger or burning passion. This burnt orange shade, however, is much calmer. It’s a smouldering fire on a dark winter evening, the charred wood represented in the subtle black strip. It’s warmth when there’s cold all around, a haven when there’s nowhere else to turn. Your phone probably already has this kind of power over you, so why not capitulate completely?

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