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EE Film – free blockbusters on the go

EE Film

The 4G network is providing free films to all customers

The EE 4G network has come in for some criticism for its contract pricing, but one sweetener that has gone largely unnoticed is the free movie downloads you get with the service between now and February.

Those with an EE contract get one free movie download per week till the 13th of February. Theere’s a wide choice of all the latest blockbusters available on pay-per-view. Such downloads usually cost £4, so getting four such movies a month is quite a bonus – even if for just three and-a-half months.

Good news for those worrying about their data usage, is that all films rented from the EE store (whether for free or paid) do not count towards your contract’s data allowance. This is a huge boon both for consumers and for mobile networks, which finally have something they can offer their customers which other stores can’t provide – free data on purchases.

EE Film

Not every film is available on every service due to some exclusivity deals – in this case we imagine that iPhone users only have Apple to blame

The service works well enough given it’s only just launched. You can download movies to your device, but this then locks playback to that one device. Stream them and you’re free to switch between say, an Adnroid phone and a home PC, so you can watch the movie on the bus home and then switch to a bigger screen when you get there.

We did have a couple of teething problems. First we were unable to skip ahead down the timeline when wathcing a streamed movie and we also get streamed the wrong film when watching on our handset.

We now have a 4G handset and are testing all aspects of the new service. We’ll bring you a full review shortly.

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