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Samsung could launch foldable screen devices in 2015

Samsung's smartphone roadmap suggests the company will be bringing handsets with foldable screens to market in 2015

Samsung may have only just launched its first smartphone with a curved display, but the company is already planning the next step: fully foldable screens.

Kwon Oh Hyun, CEO of Samsung Electronics, revealed at the company’s Analyst day that 2015 was anticipated for the first fully foldable displays. These could be used in smartphones and tablets, but may also be used in wearable devices like the Galaxy Gear.

Samsung roadmap

A presentation slide from the event, first posted by Sammyhub, revealed that bended displays (screens with more dramatic angles than the slight curve seen in the Galaxy Round or LG’s G Flex) should be making an appearance in 2014, followed by foldable ones a year later.

Samsung posted a concept video to YouTube back in January showing what it thought would be possible once foldable screens had been perfected. If you can get through the hammy acting, you’ll get a brief look at a hybrid smartphone/tablet with a fold-out screen at the end of the clip.

Of course it’s unlikely these concepts give us any indication as to what the final products might look like, but it still makes us excited to see what Samsung has in the pipeline.

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