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Giffgaff just DOUBLED data for goodybag packages

The mobile network provider is offering customers double the data for no extra cost

Mobile network Giffgaff won major plaudits today with its decision to double the amount of data provided to customers in its goodybag packages. The deal comes into effect on 14 August.

The goodybags – which formerly cost £10 for 3GB, £12 for 4GB and £15 for 8GB – will now see data packages increased to 6GB, 10GB and 15GB respectively for no extra cost.

What’s more, this isn’t a new customer offer only. Existing customers will see the additional data applied to their bundles. Meanwhile, if you’re a data-hungry customer on a budget, the goodybags could be a viable option for you.

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Goodybags are Giffgaff’s answer to a monthly SIM-only plan, providing data, minutes and texts. Given that they’re not on contract, goodybags are super flexible; you can change them each month and cancel any time. Plus, there’s minimal administrative faff: you can set your goodybag to recur monthly – and, given this hefty data boost, we can’t see why you wouldn’t.

Giffgaff has long been celebrated as a commendable budget network offering straightforward plans with the chance to add extra data or minutes as and when you need them. We gave the network four stars in our full review, with a special shoutout to its non-EU roaming costs, which oddly aren’t extortionate. Makes a nice change.

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Plus, Giffgaff’s new price crunch makes its 6GB, 10GB and 15GB plans cheaper than, or equal to, rival mobile networks. Which? compared its new deal to offerings from other providers, and found that its 6GB for £10 matched Plusnet’s prices, while its 10GB for £12 came in at 50p cheaper than the next lowest rate, which again was offered by Plusnet. Meanwhile, £15 for 15GB came in at £1 cheaper than the next lowest rate, which was awarded to iD Mobile.

For mobile network provision on a budget, Giffgaff’s new double data deal (how’s that for alliteration) looks pretty tempting.

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