Best golf clubs for beginners 2022: The best golf club sets for men, women and children

Pete Clark Nick Harris-Fry
23 Dec 2021

From starter sets for men, women and children to mid-range selections of woods and irons, there's a golf club set here for you

Unless your golfing aspirations stretch no further than thwacking 50 balls down the local driving range, buying a set of golf clubs makes more financial sense than purchasing each club individually. There’s only one problem: making sure you pick up the best golf clubs can be an intimidating process.

There’s little more likely to ruin your first time on the course than discovering you’re carrying a heavy load of clubs that aren’t right for you – and, worse still, you'll have wasted money in the process. If you’re not sure which clubs to buy, we're here to take you through the best golf club sets on the market in 2022.

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Best golf clubs for beginners: At a glance

How to choose the best golf clubs for you

How much should I spend?

This completely depends on how often you play or intend to play and how much you plan to improve your game. If you’re new to golf, it’s probably worth accepting that an expensive, pro-level set of clubs isn’t likely to do much to improve your skills in those early days – dedication and perseverance will be far more important.

On the other hand, if you’re a little more used to being on the course and want to fine-tune your game, investing in higher-quality clubs makes absolute sense.

What features do I need to keep in mind?

First, you’ll need to buy according to gender and age: club sets are divided into men’s, women’s and junior categories, which are based around size, weight and flexibility. The chief difference between men’s and women’s sets is in the length of the clubs and whether they have steel or graphite shafts – the latter are lighter and easier to swing faster. Junior sets are, naturally, smaller in size and priced accordingly.

Since these are complete sets with every type of club you’ll need for the game, don’t focus on the particular contents.

The best men’s golf club sets to buy

1. Inesis Adult Beginners Golf Set: The best half golf club set for beginners

Price: £170 | Buy now from Decathlon

This half set contains all the clubs you need to get around the course, with a driver, a hybrid, two irons (a 6/7 and an 8/9), plus sand and pitching wedges and a putter. These are the perfect clubs for beginners who will struggle to get much use out of a tricky-to-hit five iron or a three wood compared to a more forgiving hybrid, and having less choice will help you get more comfortable with each club in your bag.

The wide face and large clubhead on the driver and cavity backs on the irons all make it easier to get your ball airborne and travelling long distances. And, as you improve on the course, these clubs will offer more or less everything you need. The clubs also use lightweight graphite shafts, which will help you add some speed to your swing. The only downside is that they don’t come with a golf bag.

Buy now from Decathlon

2. Wilson Ultra XD Graphite Package Set: The best men's full golf club set

Price: £449 | Buy now from American Golf

Renowned golf club manufacturer Wilson is well-versed in offering comprehensive sets for beginners, and the Ultra XD Graphite Package is another excellent example. Both the woods and the irons are particularly forgiving, which will suit beginners, and the driver in particular is a real highlight with its large head yet light pick-up. The set also comes with head covers included, though disappointingly there is no putter cover or rain hood which will add a small amount of expense if you want to complete your set.

Buy now from American Golf

The best ladies' golf club sets to buy

3. Wilson Women's Stretch 9-Club Set: The best women's half set for beginners

Price: £240 | Buy now from Amazon

This more-than-handy half set of women's clubs from Wilson includes a driver, a fairway wood, hybrid, three irons, two wedges and a putter to provide the ideal starting point for any female players looking to learn the game. The light stainless steel composition is ideal for beginners, and left-handed and extended versions are also available meaning these clubs are accessible to all. A cart bag with attached collapsible stand are also included in the price making this a great value purchase for any beginner.

4. Callaway Golf 11-Piece Solaire Package Set: The best women's golf club set for mid-handicap players

Price: £799 | Buy now from Affordable Golf

By contrast, here’s a set for women who are seasoned and committed golfers. You can choose from an eight or eleven-piece set of undeniably beautifully designed clubs that send out the message you take the game seriously. The bag boasts a sleek, stylish design in either black or cherry blossom – so if appearances matter to you on the course, and you play enough golf to know you’re happy with parting with this amount of money, it’s the set for you.

Buy now from Affordable Golf

The best children’s golf club sets to buy

5. Ben Sayers Right-Handed M1i Junior Package Set: The best golf club set for junior golfers

Price: From £84 | Buy now from Amazon

This Ben Sayers set comes in two different sizes: those for five to eight-year-olds, and for nine to 11-year-olds. As kids of both age brackets will almost definitely be either new to golf or on a steep learning curve, the set’s emphasis on forgiveness will be important to make sure no junior golfers become too discouraged or frustrated early on. The irons have large soles, while the putter has a sight alignment that will help with precision. As both sets are under £100, they make for a smart choice since children will swiftly outgrow their sets.

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