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CES 2024: Panasonic’s new flagship OLED TVs arrive with Fire TV built in

Panasonic Z95A and Z93A at CES 2024

The Panasonic Z95A and Z93A comes with a host of new features but the most significant is the inclusion of Amazon’s smart TV OS

It’s CES 2024 and as you’d expect there’s already been an avalanche of TV announcements and now the latest flagship models from Panasonic has joined the throng, throwing two 4K OLED TV models, both with Amazon’s Fire TV smart TV operating system built in, into the ring.

Although Panasonic TVs have had Amazon Fire TV built-in before, this marks the first time the company has introduced the software in its flagship models. We’ve been impressed with the software in the past – in Amazon’s Fire TV Sticks and the company’s own Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED 65in TV set – so this looks to be a good move on Panasonic’s part.

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The Fire TV software will enable, as it does in other TVs that use it, various voice-driven operations, from basic functions like volume, power and input switching to content searches and more. This is all enabled via far field microphones that will allow you to utter your commands at the TV without having to hold a button on the remote control. Panasonic also promised that the TVs will also come with a smart home dashboard that will allow users to monitor and manage Alexa-enabled smart devices across your home.

Getting to specifics, though, the new models are the Panasonic Z95A, which comes with in 65in and 55in sizes, and the larger Panasonic Z93A, which measures a huge 77in across the diagonal. That one’s mainly intended for the US market.

Panasonic Fire TV OLED models at CES 2024

The 65in and 55in Z95A TVs come with Panasonic’s Master OLED Ultimate panel for 2024, which has Panasonic’s latest micro lens and heat dissipation technology, enabling brighter sustained output than previous models. The larger 77in screen, however, doesen’t get the new panel, although that’s not so much of a disappointment as it’s a model that’s clearly aimed more at US customers.

There’s also a new picture-processing chipset as well and both models get this. It’s the HCX Pro AI Processor MK II, which Panasonic says improves streaming TV image quality and also enables Dolby Vision support at up to 144Hz.

That high refresh rate isn’t targeted at movie-watching, though: it’s aimed instead at gamers. As such, the TVs also support a set of gaming-specific features, including HDMI 2.1, High Frame Rate, VRR support at up to 144Hz, and – so says Panasonic – “ultra-low input lag” to give you the edge over your opponents in fast-paced online gaming sessions.

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There’s also a new True Game Mode picture quality preset that’s specifically aimed at optimising the on-screen image that “closely aligns with the vision of game developers”. Think Filmmaker mode but for gamers and you won’t be too far off.

And, finally, there are a couple of audio profiles thrown in as well, which optimises the sound for RPG (role playing games) and FPS (first person shooter) games, the latter optimising for footsteps and the like so you can more clearly hear enemies approaching.

Panasonic hasn’t confirmed prices or a release date for the two new models yet but keep an eye on the site for the full review in due course.

Panasonic Z93A at CES 2024

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