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PC Specialist Fury A10 intro
PC Specialist Fury A10 review

A decent desktop performer with a great 24in screen but the super-budget motherboard holds it back

£499 inc VAT
PC Specialist Infinity K7
PC Specialist Infinity K7 review

The Infinity K7's real-world performance fails to live up to its on-paper specification

£499 inc VAT
PC Specialist Cosmos II HD
PC Specialist Cosmos II HD review

A super powerful graphics chip and a fast processor make this one of the most powerful laptops you'll find for £600

£599 inc VAT
PC Specialist NUC Lite
PC Specialist NUC Lite review

Its graphics performance could be better, but this mini PC is fast and versatile, making it a great companion for both office and home

£449 inc VAT
PC Specialist UltraNote X15
PC Specialist UltraNote X15 review

With a powerful processor and a Full HD screen for under £500, this laptop means business

£499 inc VAT
PC Specialist Infinity A10 Pro Elite
PC Specialist Infinity A10 Pro Elite review

This PC's base specification is a bargain and it's all the better when you add a graphics card

£863 inc VAT
PC Specialist Fusion FX63
PC Specialist Fusion FX63 review

It's good to see Wi-Fi and an SSD, but this PC is out-performed by its rivals

£699 inc VAT
PC Specialist Infinity A10
PC Specialist Infinity A10 review

A powerful PC capable of playing games and the monitor is excellent, but we'd have liked USB3

£449 inc VAT
PC Specialist Vanquish 300R
PC Specialist Vanquish 300R review

A great selection of top-notch components and liquid cooling make this a great gaming PC

£999 inc VAT
PC Specialist Inferno V-3K
PC Specialist Inferno V-3K review

Perfect for gaming on the go, with decent battery life to match

£638 inc VAT