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PC Specialist Vanquish 650Ti
PC Specialist Vanquish 650Ti review

This powerful PC has a great range of hardware, fast boot speeds and excellent overall performance but its graphics card isn’t the best you’ll find in systems at this price

£799 inc VAT
PC Specialist Vanquish HD
PC Specialist Vanquish HD review

This is a very capable PC with a great range of features, but we've seen similar systems with more powerful graphics

£999 inc VAT
PCSpecialist Vanquish Elite 560
PC Specialist Vanquish Elite 560 review

A well-rounded PC with ample performance in all areas

£799 inc VAT
PC Specialist Fusion 6550D
PC Specialist Fusion 6550D review

This tiny tower is a high quality media PC with enough power to play the latest games at moderate quality

£579 inc VAT
PC Specialist Enigma HD
PC Specialist Enigma HD review

Doesn't have much room for expansion, but its Blu-ray drive, 1TB hard disk and great performance make it a Best Buy

£549 inc VAT
PC Specialist Aurea 540 OC
PC Specialist Aurea 540 OC review

By fitting a Core i3 processor, PC Specialist has managed to afford a decent graphics card, but the awful HKC monitor lets the system down.

£750 inc VAT
PC Specialist Fusion HD 550
PC Specialist Fusion HD 550 review

While it offers a lot out of the box, the Fusion HD 550 has extremely limited expansion options and its monitor is dull and cold.

£550 inc VAT
PC Specialist Vortex i930 Xtreme
PC Specialist Vortex i930 Xtreme review

An incredibly powerful PC, with watercooling and an SSD. However, we’d swap out the graphics card for an ATI Radeon HD 5870.

£1449 inc VAT
PC Specialist Aurea i3-530X
PC Specialist Aurea i3-530X review

The lack of a Full HD monitor makes this poor value compared to other PCs here, but we're more concerned by the lack of extra cooling for the overclocked CPU, coupled with the minimal warranty.

£549 inc VAT
PC Specialist Vortex i5 GTS review

A big monitor and Windows 7 Ultimate make this a real workhorse, but better-value deals are available.

£849 inc VAT