First Windows 8 PCs reviewed

Chris Finnamore
14 Oct 2012
Windows 8 PC

Two weeks ahead of launch, our first set of Windows 8 PCs benchmarked and rated

Windows 8 is due to hit the shops on the 26th October, and we're expecting a rush of laptops, tablets and PCs running Microsoft's new operating system.

In the meantime, though, we've been busy. We've managed to get hold of four PCs running Windows 8, to see what you have to look forward to come the 26th October. The PCs have up-to-the-minute components to match the sparkly new OS, and one even comes with a touchscreen to take full advantage of the new touch-friendly interface.

It wasn't all plain sailing, though. Although our application benchmarks ran fine, which bodes well for general application compatibility, we had no luck with our Dirt 3 graphics benchmark - the game just refused to run, apparently due to a problem with Games for Windows Live. We're hoping that a patch will be available after launch so we can carry on using this benchmark, but in the meantime we switched to the more recent Dirt Showdown to get an idea of games performance under Windows 8.

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