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Sandberg Multi Hard Disk Box 2.5in review

Sandberg Multi Hard Disk Box 2.5in
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Price when reviewed : £24
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It is a sturdy and easy to assemble hard disk enclosure that will appeal if you still have older PATA hard disks.

Unlike most 2.5in laptop hard disk enclosures, the Sandberg Multi Hard Disk Box can take both SATA and older PATA disks. Despite this, it’s not much bigger or more expensive than SATA-only enclosures.

Fitting a disk into the sturdy black metal case is straightforward. Several small screws are involved, so you’ll need a steady hand, but the necessary screwdriver is included.

When fitted with a 640GB 5,400rpm SATA disk and connected over eSATA, file transfer speeds were fast, with an average of 54.8MB/s for large files and 25.6MB/s for small files. The eSATA connection doesn’t work with PATA disks and it isn’t ideal for mobile use in any case, as you will need to use the included 5V-to-USB cable for power.

When connected over USB, its performance was disappointingly inconsistent. Large files written quickly at 27.8MB/s but read at a sluggish 19.6MB/s. It was also sluggish writing small files, managing only 20.7MB/s but managed a more respectable 14.6MB/s reading them.

The Multi Hard Disk Box is still appealing if you need either eSATA or PATA compatibility. It’s easy to assemble and feels sturdy too. Its USB transfer speeds are disappointing though so we can’t recommend it unconditionally.



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