HP Omni 100-5030uk review

Kat Orphanides
9 Nov 2010
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While the absence of a touchscreen isn't a problem for an all-in-one, the underpowered processor means that the Omni 100 is designed for only light computing tasks.



1.8GHz AMD Athlon II X2 260u, 4GB RAM, 20in 1,600x900 display, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

HP’s latest all-in-one PC costs £500, which is pretty impressive for a PC with a 20in display, 4GB RAM and a large hard disk. Unlike many manufacturers, HP doesn’t insist on using touchscreens across its entire all-in-one range, which saves money that can be spent on these other features.

The Omni 100 has an energy-efficient dual-core AMD Athlon II X2 260u processor. It’s not massively powerful by any means, but provides acceptable performance for most desktop tasks; and without getting warm enough to require noisy cooling fans. The processor is paired with an AMD 880G motherboard chipset, with an integrated ATI Radeon HD 4270 graphics processor. The rest of the specification includes 4GB of DDR3 RAM, a spacious 1TB hard disk and a DVD writer.

HP Omni 100-5030uk

The graphics chipset isn’t up to anything but the most undemanding casual games – it managed just 4.2fps in our CoD4 test – but it can handle any kind of video you throw at it. Don’t expect to watch in Full HD, though; the built-in 20in widescreen LCD display has a maximum resolution of 1,600x900. However, this is high enough to ensure excellent detail and graphical quality on a screen of this size. Like most all-in-one PCs, there are no ports to output video to a TV or projector.

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