CyberPower Ultra Triton review

Kat Orphanides
17 Oct 2011
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CyberPower's overclocked AMD Fusion system with masses of RAM performs well and has plenty of upgrade potential



3.5GHz AMD Fusion A8-3850, 8GB RAM, N/A display, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

AMD's latest Fusion processors are a cost-effective option if you want a quad-core PC without sacrificing features elsewhere. The Ultra Triton's four-core AMD Fusion A8-3850 processor has been overclocked to an impressive 3.5GHz, which gives it a decent boost compared to non-overclocked A8-3850 systems we've seen. It managed an overall score of 80 in our tests: easily powerful enough to run any game or desktop software you need.

CyberPower Ultra Triton

The processor's integrated Radeon HD 6550D graphics processor is good enough to run modern 3D games if you turn the quality and resolution settings down. It produced 19.8fps in Dirt 3 at 1,280x720 using high quality settings - turning the quality down further makes the game smooth enough to play. You can connect two monitors to any combination of the Triton's HDMI, DVI or VGA outputs.

CyberPower has also taken the unusual step of kitting this PC out with 8GB of RAM - more than you'll need for most Windows 7 applications, but worth having if you're interested in heavy-duty image or video effects rendering or if you plan to run virtual machines. Four 1,333MHz modules occupy all of the Gigabyte GA-A75-D3H motherboard's memory slots, but the board can handle a theoretical maximum of 64GB of RAM. That's somewhat academic as the 16GB memory modules required for that extraordinary figure are rare.

CyberPower Ultra Triton inside

There's plenty of scope to upgrade the Triton thanks to two PCI-E x16 slots, a couple of PCI-E x1 slots and three PCI slots. If you want to fit a high-end graphics card that requires additional power, though, you'll have to use a Molex power adaptor to feed it, as the generic power supply lacks a PCI-E power connector. In fact, it has only a couple of extra SATA power connectors and one spare Molex plug.

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