Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Flex Eyefinity review

Seth Barton
18 Sep 2010
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The idea is a great one, Eyefinity gaming without DisplayPort, but the card itself is only just up to the task, for now.


When ATI first launched its 5000-series of cards, one of the features it promoted heavily was Eyefinity. This let gamers connect multiple monitors, usually three, to their PC for a more immersive experience. It was a great idea, if rather an expensive one; but it had another major stumbling block: one of the outputs had to be DisplayPort. This is a problem that this 5770 Flex fixes.

We first reviewed the ATI Radeon HD 5770 almost a year ago now (What’s New, Shopper 263). It immediately became our favourite mid-range graphics card, and despite strong competition from the more expensive Nvidia’s GTX 460 768MB, and a price that has crept up to around £120, it’s still a great buy.

The design of that card (and all other 5000-series cards to date) meant there was a maximum of two dual-link DVI outputs. To connect a third monitor for Eyefinity, it had to have the relatively new DisplayPort input. The number of monitors with such an input, even today, is relatively small, and those that do are usually expensive. Given that Eyefinity looks best on three matched monitors, this made an ideal setup hugely costly.

In most respects, this Flex Eyefinity version of the 5770 is identical to the original. However, small changes to the video outputs on the back breathe new life into Eyefinity. Instead of two dual-link DVI outputs, Sapphire has provided one dual-link output, plus a single-link output and a HDMI output. This means you can connect three monitors to the card via DVI (using the bundled HDMI-to-DVI adaptor). The only downside being that two of those monitors can’t be above 1,920x1,200 due to the limitations on the single-link DVI, and in this case, the HDMI port. This won’t bother most people, as monitors with resolutions over 1,920x1,200 are prohibitively expensive, especially if you’re buying three.

Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Flex Eyefinity

As mentioned before, the key specifications of this HD 5770 remain the same: so it has 1GB of memory and 800 stream processors. In our tests it produced identical results to the standard card, as you’d expect. This means it’s capable of running any modern game, though not necessarily at the highest detail settings.

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