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Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Flex Eyefinity review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £153
inc VAT

The idea is a great one, Eyefinity gaming without DisplayPort, but the card itself is only just up to the task, for now.


The question then, is whether this mid-range HD 5770 is up to running games at the very high resolutions demanded by Eyefinity. You can pick up three Full HD 22in monitors for as little as £300 inc VAT. Those would give you a massive resolution of 5,760×1,080, and a panoramic view of your game. High resolutions aren’t the huge problems they used to be for graphics cards. We tried running Crysis at this resolution and by reducing detail levels to medium and turning AA off we were pleasantly surprised to get 26.33fps. To get smoother frame rates we had to dial down the resolution. At 5,040×1,050 we managed 31.18fps, while at 3,840×720 we managed 50.5fps. These are respectable scores for such a demanding setup, though with the detail levels turned down it’s a trade-off rather than an out-an-out success.

Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 Flex Eyefinity top

It’s unlikely then, that this card will provide you with Eyefinity gaming at reasonable detail levels for very long. Newer games are bound to tax the card’s capabilities, especially once more DirectX11 titles are released. So, although we’re really keen on the Flex design, we think it needs to be applied to a more powerful card, like the HD 5850 or 5870. Still, if you’re looking for triple-monitor gaming on a budget, then this card justifies its £30 premium over a standard HD 5770.

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Basic Specifications

Price £153
Rating ****
Interface PCI Express x16 2.1
Crossfire/SLI CrossFireX
Slots taken up 2
Brand ATI
Graphics Processor ATI Radeon HD 5770
Memory 1GB GDDR5
Memory interface 128-bit
GPU clock speed 850MHz
Memory speed 1.20GHz
Card length 229mm


Architecture 800 stream processors
Anti aliasing 24x
Anisotropic filtering 16x


DVI outputs 2
VGA outputs 0
S-video output no
S-Video input no
Composite outputs no
Composite inputs no
Component outputs no
HDMI outputs 1
Power leads required 1x 6-pin PCI Express


Accessories DVI to VGA adaptor, HDMI to DVI adaptor, Molex to 6-pin power adaptor
Software included none

Benchmark Results

3DMark Vantage 1680 5,538
Call of Duty 4 1680 4xAA 66.6fps
Call of Duty 4 1440 4xAA 78.5fps
Crysis 1680 High 4xAA 33.6fps
Crysis 1440 High 4xAA 41.0fps

Buying Information

Warranty one-year RTB
Price £153

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