Asrock B75 Pro3-M review

Kat Orphanides
22 Feb 2013
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If you’re building a budget Intel system and have no interest in overclocking, this motherboard is ideal



LGA1155, MicroATX, Intel B75 chipset, supports: 2nd/3rd Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7

Intel's B75 chipset is the budget-friendly alternative to the more feature-packed Z77. Both support the latest LGA1155 processors but B75 lacks Z77’s overclocking features. However, there’s little to choose between the chipsets in terms of ordinary performance, as shown by this motherboard’s overall score of 101 in our benchmark tests.

Asrock B75 Pro3-M

As the Asrock B75 Pro3-M microATX is a budget motherboard, it has just a couple of rear USB3 ports and four USB ports. There are also two USB headers and one USB3 header on the board itself, so you can add other ports, either on your case or via expansion cards.

Other rear ports include the usual DVI, HDMI and VGA connectors for on-chip graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, an optical S/PDIF output for digital surround sound and five 3.5mm analogue audio connectors that can be configured for up to 7.1 surround sound.

Asrock B75 Pro3-M

The motherboard has four memory slots, so you can install up to 32GB of DDR3 memory. That's plenty for even for a really high end system. There are also two PCI slots and two PCI-E x16 slots, although the second of these actually runs at x4, although you can still use it for a second graphics card connected via CrossFireX or SLI. The coolers on most graphics cards will block one of PCI slots when fitted into the top PCI-E x16 slot.

There are two SATA controllers on the motherboard. The Intel chipset controller provides one SATA3 port and five SATA2 ports. A sticker on the motherboard advises using one of these six ports for your main system disk, so the SATA3 connector is the logical choice here, particularly if you're booting from an SSD. A second controller gives you an extra two SATA3 ports.

Asrock B75 Pro3-M

The motherboard's UEFI interface doesn't have an automatic overclock feature. Although its interface is really clear and easy to use and you can select memory profiles for high-speed RAM, the B75 chipset doesn't support overclocking of processors with unlocked multipliers, although it does provide very limited adjustment of multiplier and voltage settings, We were able to fix the multiplier of our 3.4GHz Intel Core i5-3570K to 38, for example, but that's the most you can achieve.

For a lot of people the lack of overclocking isn't much of a restriction. With a great price, plenty of expansion options and decent performance, the Asrock B75 Pro3-M wins a Budget Buy award.

Basic Specifications

Processor socketLGA1155
Form factorMicroATX
Processor support2nd/3rd Generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7
Processor external bus100MHz (DMI)
Chipset north bridgeIntel B75
Chipset south bridgeIntel B75
Passively-cooled north bridgeyes
Integrated graphicsYes
Supported memory typeDDR3
Maximum memory speedPC3-17600
Memory slots4
Maximum memory32GB
Dual-channel supportyes

Buying Information


Internal Ports

Power connectors1x 24-pin ATX, 1x 8-pin ATX
PCI-E x16 slots2
Dual graphics architectureCrossFireX
PCI-E x4 slots0
PCI-E x1 slots0
PCI slots2
Fan headers3
Floppy ports0
IDE ports0
Serial ATA ports5
RAID chipset (max disks)none


Wired network ports1x 10/100/1000
Sound (ports)Realtek ALC892 (5x analogue out, optical S/PDIF)
USB2 ports / headers6/3
Firewire ports / headers0/0
Legacy portsnone
Other ports2x USB3
Cables included2x SATA
Brackets includednone
Software includeddriver disc

Setup and Overclocking

Voltage adjustmentCPU/RAM/Chipset
CPU clock max adjustmentN/A

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