Silver Power SP-S850M review

David Ludlow
20 Feb 2013
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Good efficiency and it's modular, but this PSU is let down by how loud it is



For an 850W PSU with modular cables, the Silver Power SP-S850M has a great price and is one of the cheapest high-rated supplies that we've tested. For anyone looking to build a powerful system on a tight budget, it's definitely an interesting choice.

Silver Power SP-S850M

It has 80 Plus Bronze certification, which guarantees efficiency of at least 81 per cent at all loads. In our tests, the power supply performed much better than this. It managed 84.87 per cent efficiency at 100 per cent load, 87.41 per cent at 50 per cent load and 85.85 per cent at 20 per cent load. That's impressive efficiency from a Bronze power supply.

Silver Power SP-S850M

This power supply exceeds the 80 Plus Bronze standard

Although it's just 160mm deep, the SP-S850M has a decent range of connectors. It's a modular supply, bar the motherboard, CPU and two 6+2-pin PCI Express connectors, so your case won't be cluttered with unnecessary cables. Using the modular cables you can connect two 6+2-pin PCI Express, eight SATA and five Molex. That's enough for a high-end build with dual graphics cards.

It's not all brilliant news and the 120mm cooling fan is very loud. In fact, at high loads, this power supply was incredibly loud and soon drowned out the other components inside the case. This is rather distracting and we'd prefer to have a quieter power supply.

In terms and efficiency, price and features, the Silver Power SP-S850M is a great supply, but given how loud it is, the XFX Pro 850W XXX Edition is a much better buy.




Fans1x 120mm bottom
Fan controlautomatic

Claimed Output

3.3V rail25A
5V rail25A
Power supply wattage850W
SLI certifiedno
CrossFire certifiedno


Molex connectors5
Floppy disk power connectors1
SATA power connectors8
4-pin CPU power connectors1
8-pin CPU power connectors1

Buying Information

Warrantythree years RTB

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