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The best waterproof dog coats with legs to buy in the UK in 2022

Protect your canine companion from inclement weather – these are the best waterproof dog coats with legs

The old saying goes “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”. And while that might sound like an odd thing to say about a dog, the sentiment still applies. 

While most dogs have a natural coat built in by way of fur – for some it’s long and curly, others it’s short and sleek – that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate for all weathers. Sometimes a waterproof dog coat with legs is the only way to go, especially during a soggy British autumn or winter. After all, have you ever had to dry a golden retriever or Old English sheepdog after a downpour? 

A waterproof dog coat with legs helps keep your dogs clean all over, so you can head back into the house or car without making a mess, and it will keep your dog dry and warm on walks so they’re more comfortable. It can also protect against more serious issues, such as tick bites and other insects that might pester your dog on a walk. 

Best waterproof dog coats with legs: At a glance

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How to choose the best waterproof dog coat for your dog

What should I look for in a waterproof dog coat with legs? 

A good waterproof dog coat with legs should be flexible enough to let your dog move in a natural way, but secure enough to not let water get through seams or around the neck area. It’s usually best to choose a coat that allows a harness to be worn over the top, rather than providing a slit for the lead, which can let water inside.

Consider what material your dog will be comfortable wearing, too. Some waterproof dog coats are made from fleece, which is soft against the skin, while others are made from nylon, which will rustle. Short-haired dogs might need insulation as well as waterproofing, while longer-haired dogs or those with a tight curly coat might be better off with a lightweight fabric. 

How can I get my dog used to wearing a waterproof dog coat with legs? 

Don’t launch right into a soggy walk as soon as you get your waterproof dog coat. Let your dog suss it out – sniffing it, or perhaps even snoozing on it – in the home first. Putting on their waterproof coat could be a little challenging, especially if they’re sensitive or nervous, or don’t enjoy having their paws touched. Have plenty of treats to hand, and reward them for being tolerant while you try to fit the coat. 

Once it’s on, let them wear it around the house at first to get used to how it feels. They might feel their movement is restricted to begin with, so try playing some games to help them loosen up and get used to the way the coat feels against their fur.

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The best waterproof dog coats with legs to buy in 2022

1. Geyecete Half Leg Trouser Suit: The best waterproof dog coat with legs on a budget

Price: £18–£39 | Buy now from Amazon

For those on a budget, Geycete’s half-leg trouser suit is a decent buy. It offers four-leg coverage, an adjustable waistline drawstring for better fit, and a zip-and-buckle fastening system. The coat comes in four colours – black, navy, red and yellow – and there’s a useful sizing chart on the Amazon order page to ensure you get the right fit for your dog. 

The main drawback is its noise: the jacket rustles when moving so nervous dogs might not enjoy it. Reviewers have also pointed out that the leg velcro doesn’t go all the way around, meaning water can get up inside the coat from the feet. But if you’re looking for a coat to protect the bulk of your dog’s body on wet walks, this is a great budget option. 

Key features – Material: Nylon; Multiple sizes available: Yes; Alternative colours: Yes; Washable: Yes

2. Equafleece Summersuit: best waterproof dog coat with legs for warmth 

Price: From £22 | Buy now from Equafleece

While the name “summersuit” suggests this is a seasonal dog coat, Equafleece’s coat with legs can be worn anytime of year and is especially cosy in those colder months. Originally designed as a tick-protection coat, it’s also excellent for keeping your dog warm and dry thanks to its tight-knit fleece and soft neck collar. The coat isn’t strictly waterproof, but the fleece is incredibly water repellent and even when used in a downpour the dog will remain dry underneath.

Its downsides are few, but it can be tricky to get on when your dog isn’t used to wearing a full-leg coat, so it might require a little training – and perhaps some leg wrestling. Once on, though, it’s flexible enough to stretch so your dog can move in any direction. The coat comes in various colours and sizes, including for those with shorter legs. 

Key features – Material: Fleece; Multiple sizes available: Yes; Alternative colours: Yes; Washable: Yes

Buy now from Equalfleece

3. FunnyFuzz: The best waterproof dog coat with legs for night time

Price: £40 | Buy now from FunnyFuzzy

This four-legged dog coat might be on the more expensive side, but it delivers on several factors: it’s fully waterproof, has full leg coverage and is so reflective you almost need sunglasses on to look directly at it in the dark. No dog will go unseen after dusk in this coat, as the entire piece is fully reflective, helping to keep your dog safe when walking on those chilly winter nights. The zip along the back makes it easy to put on, and the neckline can be extended to create a hood effect to protect your dog’s ears, too. 

There are a few drawbacks, mind. The coat only comes in five sizes and while it’s adjustable in some places (the neckline and ankle straps), there will be some dogs the coat just won’t fit. This coat also has an opening for a harness attachment, which is all very well but in a downpour this could well let water in – albeit to a small area. The fabric is a little noisy so might spook some dogs or take a while to get used to, and while it’s windproof, it doesn’t have any internal fleecing or thermal insulation for extra warmth, which may leave shorter haired breeds, such as whippets, a little chilly. 

Overall, though, this coat is an excellent waterproof option for anyone venturing out after dark. 

Key features – Material: Polyester; Multiple sizes available: Yes; Alternative colours: No; Washable: Yes

Buy now from FunnyFuzzy

4. Rukka Thermal Overall: The best waterproof dog coat for downpours

Price: £67 | Buy now from Mountain Dog

Another pricey option, the Rukka Thermal offers toasty coverage for your dog. Lined with fleece and covering all four legs down to the ankle, it’s an excellent coat for keeping your dog warm and dry on wintry walks – even in torrential rain. It’s fully waterproof and has a soft shell so it doesn’t rustle as much as the FunnyFuzzy, and it has an adjustable wait and neckline to allow a good fit for all breeds. 

It doesn’t offer as much reflective coverage as the FunnyFuzzy, though, with just a few reflective details through piping on its side, but it has that clever back zip fastening system to make it easy to put on. Again, there’s an opening for the collar or harness attachment, which can let some water into a small area, but overall it offers a warm, waterproof way to keep your dry in even the wettest weather. 

Key features – Material: Polyester; Multiple sizes available: Yes; Alternative colours: Yes; Washable: Yes

Buy now from Mountain Dog

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