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This Prime Day phone deal is INSANELY cheap

Our favourite £100 phone hits a record-low price for Prime Day

For any other week of the year, a £110 phone deal would be considered amazing value but during Prime Day we laugh at such lofty prices. We recently named the Nokia C21 Plus as our favourite phone around the £100 mark, due to its solid build and impressive performance transcending the restraints of its £110 price tag.

The scales between price and features have now tipped even more favourably, with this Prime Day discount bringing the C21 Plus down to just £85 – the cheapest that it’s ever been by quite a margin.

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So how good could an £85 phone really be? Well, as it turns out, the answer is “surprisingly so”. To be clear, you won’t be getting flagship performance or professional-level photography here, but the odds are good that your low expectations will be exceeded.

Let’s start with performance. Despite the 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage sounding rather meagre, the C21 Plus proved to be quite nippy in our testing. This is due to the modified version of Android that it runs, Android 11 Go, which is designed to optimise performance on low-power devices. You may experience the odd micropause when switching apps but the overall speeds were perfectly acceptable.

The battery life isn’t as impressive as the performance, lasting a little over 13 hours in our standard test. While this means that you won’t be able to go days without charging, anyone who habitually plugs their phone in when they go to sleep shouldn’t find this to be much of a hindrance.

While the battery life may not be all that extensive, the build of the phone itself feels rugged enough to pass the test of time. Though a bit thick by modern standards, the C21 Plus looks attractive enough with its skinny bezels and textured rear panel. The top bears a 3.5mm headphone jack (not a guaranteed inclusion in the modern phone market) and the SIM card tray has the capacity for two nano-SIMs, as well as a separate slot for a microSD card if you want to expand the storage.

As mentioned, anyone with aspirations of Instagram fame may find the cameras on the C21 Plus to be a bit underwhelming, but if you just want something simple that you can use in a pinch, the offerings here are decent enough to do the job. The main camera captures images with a decent amount of detail and a fairly neutral colour balance, even if it can get a little overexposed at times.

If you’ve got a limited budget but still want decent enough performance from your next smartphone, you won’t find a better option than the Nokia C21 Plus. And if you were waiting around for the best time to buy one? Happy Prime Day.

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