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ClickUp pricing: Which package best suits your business needs?

A deep-dive into the pricing of ClickUp – one of the best project management tools in the game

ClickUp is one of the best project management software options out there, offering a solid breadth of features and a user-friendly interface. In this article, we outline ClickUp pricing to see which is the right plan for you.

ClickUp is a great all-around tool for just about any business, but it caters best to teams that like to try new ways of managing tasks. Besides the basics such as lists and boards, ClickUp also offers mind maps and a useful Gantt chart.

At its core is the List. It’s a colourful tool that lets you arrange tasks with ease, and offers a great way to organise subtasks as well. The other views are similarly effective: the Board or the Gantt chart, for example, let you clearly see which tasks are priority and which are secondary. We also really liked the timeline, as it presents timeframes and deadlines in an easily digestible manner.

The bottom line is that ClickUp is an easy-to-use project management tool that’s both versatile and straightforward. But how does its pricing stack up compared to the competition?

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ClickUp pricing: Everything you need to know

ClickUp offers five plans to choose from, each of which builds on the features of the preceding ones. All offer decent value, although if you’re considering a purchase then it does pay to look closely at what each tier offers.

ClickUp free plan

First up is ClickUp’s free plan, which is a top pick among the best free project management software. This is because ClickUp offers a fairly comprehensive package, including lists, boards and – nearly uniquely among free plans – a calendar and a Gantt chart. If you want a fully featured program without spending a penny, ClickUp is a superb option.

That is, if you can work past its restrictions. Although ClickUp offers plenty of features under this plan, it does restrict their use. For example, the Gantt chart can only be used 100 times per month. Still, for small teams or those of modest means, ClickUp’s free plan remains a decent option.

Larger teams can sign up, too, since there’s no cap on the number of people that can use it, but advanced functions are effectively off limits.

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Clickup Unlimited: £4 per user per month

If you like the free plan but its limits prove too tight for you, you may want to consider ClickUp Unlimited. As the name suggests, this plan removes many of the restrictions of the free plan, while also offering some interesting features in addition to those in the free plan.

These include unlimited file storage, the ability to invite guest viewers, to set and track long-term goals, along with a host of other small, quality-of-life features. At £4 per user per month when paying annually, the price is right, too: many competitors offer similar packages for far more money. For example, Asana and are almost double the cost.

Overall, the Unlimited plan is the best option for most users. It offers a great balance between price and features. However, for companies that need even more from their project management suite, ClickUp offers several top-tier plans, too.

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ClickUp Business: £10 per user per month

ClickUp’s two Business plans focus strongly on advanced ways to use the Unlimited plan’s features – for example, time tracking, workload management and better ways to automate tasks. In addition, you also get two further handy tools in the form of mind maps and timelines, although we somewhat question mind maps as a project management feature.

At £10 per user per month when paying annually, ClickUp Business offers a pretty good deal if you’ll make use of all the advanced functions. In this instance, ClickUp may prove an even better deal than Asana.

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ClickUp Business Plus: £16 per user per month

Next up is the Business Plus plan, which at £16 per user per month when paying annually is pretty pricey. However, for the right organisation, that extra £6 per month per user may be worth it for its advanced functions, including more advanced automations as well as the ability to create custom roles for users.

We also like that you can create subtasks across multiple projects with this plan, as well as adding more options to forms. Nevertheless, the price remains a bit steep, so signing up might require more serious thought.

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ClickUp Enterprise

Finally, we have the Enterprise plan, which like most of its kind is priced by negotiating directly with ClickUp. That said, we doubt it will come in at less than £20 per user per month when paying annually. However, this option pretty much turns ClickUp into a completely personalised experience, where you can tailor all manner of features to your liking.

In addition, you get access to more – and better – security features, such as Single Sign-On and setting advanced permissions for users. If you’re running a large company, in which flexibility is key, this is a good choice.

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Does ClickUp offer a free trial?

If you like the look of ClickUp but remain unsure about which plan is the right fit for your needs, you do have the opportunity to test-drive every plan. Sadly, while the company doesn’t offer a trial (it feels the free plan covers that need), it does allow you to request a refund on all paid plans within the first 30 days.

Although you’ll have to spring for the initial cost, we feel 30 days is a pretty generous period to offer a money-back guarantee, providing more than enough time to figure out which features you need and which you don’t.

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