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Best running gloves 2022: Keep your hands warm and dry with these exercise gloves

Don’t let the weather stop you from exercising, get yourself some running gloves to stay warm and dry

When out shopping for the latest exercise gear, your hands are possible the very last thing on your mind. You might have the best trainers, hoodie, shorts and socks, but what about gloves?

Gloves can be a great addition to your running arsenal. No matter the season, if you run in the early morning or in the evenings it can be essential to keep your hands warm and dry. 

While selecting a pair of gloves might seem a simple task, it can often be difficult to get the balance right between protective warmth and sweaty palms. Other features such as touchscreen-friendly fingertips and extra grip may add to the selection dilemma. To help we’ve collected some of the best gloves around for you to choose from.

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Best running gloves: At a glance

How to choose the best running gloves for you

Won’t my hands get too hot?

You may be concerned that exercising with thick gloves on will result in uncomfortable (and unhygienic) sweaty hands. But many running gloves are made from sophisticated moisture-wicking material that stops this from happening, and breathable fabrics mean hot air can escape without letting the cold air in. Alternatively, thinner gloves have the dual benefit of giving the option to layer your gloves and being small enough to pop in your pocket if you take them off during your run.

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Do I have to take them off to use my phone?

The fact is that, while some of us could do well leaving our phone at home for once, that little device in our pocket holds a lot of important information that we might need in a pinch. But we all know that gloves and touchscreens don’t usually mix, and a lot of manufacturers have solved this issue by including conductive panels on the fingertips (sometimes all, sometimes just the index finger). This means you can keep your gloves on if you need to make an important call, or just skip to the next song.

What other features do I need?

While it may be tempting to go for waterproof gloves if you live in a rainy climate, these are often less breathable and thus less effective at keeping your hands at a moderate temperature. Another thing to consider is the visibility of your average route – do you tend to run at night or in the fog? There are lots of gloves that offer added visibility with reflective materials, making you more noticeable on or near the road.

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The best running gloves to buy

1. Gore Wear Windstopper Thermo Gloves: The best gloves for warmth

Price: £41 | Buy now from Sigma Sports

If you want to avoid cold hands at all costs when running outdoors in winter or the chillier months of Spring and Autumn, then these are the gloves for you. Windproof, water repellent and made with a thermal lining, they ensure that even in the harshest of weather conditions, you at least won’t feel it in your hands. On the other hand, sweaty palms won’t be a problem either. The gloves are very breathable and absorbent, meaning you can use them to wipe sweat away from your face as well as trust them to keep your fingers warm and dry.

Key specs – Waterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: No; Reflective: No

2. Under Armour Men’s Ss CGI Run Liner Gloves: The best all-weather gloves

Price: £16 | Buy now from Sports Direct

With a slightly different approach to running gear, these Under Armour liner gloves are designed to be worn either alone or under thicker gloves depending on the weather. In harsher conditions, for example, more heavy duty gloves can be worn on top without you having to worry too much about how well the secondary pair protect against water, wind and so on. Made from soft-knit fabric that keeps your hands warm and comfortable while still being breathable, the liner gloves are water repellent and feature touchscreen-friendly panels on the thumb, index and middle fingers.

Key specs – Waterproof: Yes; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Reflective: No

3. Kalenji Running Tactile Gloves: The best gloves for bargain hunters

Price: £6 | Buy now from Decathlon

For those looking for a pair of running gloves that won’t make too much of a dent in the bank balance, the Kalenji Running Tactile Gloves offer suitable warmth and comfort for a fraction of the price of their competitors. They don’t have the same water-resistant qualities of many more expensive running gloves, and the company states that they’re not recommended for cyclists, but check out that sub-fiver price tag. If you just want a relatively lightweight option that still offers features like conductive finger patches and a reflective logo then they’ll do the job quite nicely.

Key specs – Waterproof: No; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Reflective: Yes

Buy now from Decathlon

4. Proviz REFLECT360 Explorer Warm Knit Gloves: The best gloves for visibility

Price: £20 | Buy now from Proviz

Proviz is well-known for its wide range of reflective sports gear, and it has several different running gloves that offer a degree of reflectivity. Should you prefer a non-knitted, reflective glove for your runs, the REFLECT360 running gloves are excellent.

However, we love the cosy feel of the Explorer Warm Knit gloves, which are also more suitable for everyday use thanks to their subtle design. The reflective yarns in the gloves shine when light falls upon them at night, but during the day the pattern they create is pleasantly understated. The gloves have touchscreen panels on the index and middle fingers, as well as the thumbs, so you won’t have to expose your hands to the cold to use your phone.

Key specs – Waterproof: No; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Reflective: Yes

Buy now from Proviz

5. Coskefy Touchscreen Running Gloves: The best for multi-tasking

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon

Similar to other running gloves in a lot of ways, the Coskefy Touchscreen gloves have been designed specifically for those who need to use their phone or another device during their run. Not only do they feature touchscreen pads on each fingertip, the fingers and palms are also coated in a non-slip silicone that makes it easier to hold onto your phone or water bottle without dropping it. And while the fleece lining ensures your hands stay cosy, the gloves are also relatively thin so can be worn with thicker gloves on top for extra warmth.

Key specs – Waterproof: No; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Reflective: No

6. Ronhill Nightrunner Glove: The best all-rounder gloves

Price: £23 | Buy now from Wiggle

Despite feeling quite thin and lightweight, these gloves do a great job of keeping your hands warm throughout the winter, with the soft, brush back fabric on the inside making the mitts cosy without straying into the uncomfortably hot realm. The fabric also wicks sweat away and dries rapidly, and there are touchscreen-compatible panels on the tips of the fingers.

The gloves also have reflective details all over the back of the fingers to increase your visibility on night runs, and if you opt for either the hot pink or fluorescent yellow designs you’ll be easier to spot in the day time as well. For those who prefer to keep a low profile in the day, there is also a black design, which still has the reflective pattern for your post-sunset runs.

Key specs – Waterproof: No; Touchscreen friendly: Yes; Reflective: Yes

Buy now from Wiggle

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