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Best running shoe deals 2021: Grab a bargain on a new set of running shoes

Get kitted out for less with these dynamite discounts on top running shoes

Compared with many others, running is a cheap sport. You don’t need a membership at special facilities to do it, or a whole load of very technical kit. However, while you might not need it, it’s certainly possible to splash a lot of cash on running gear, and that’s especially true when it comes to shoes.

Flagship racing shoes now cost well over £200, and even everyday trainers are often closer to £150 than £100. A good set of running shoes will often last you 800km or more, which is an impressive return on your investment, but it’s still going to hit you hard in the wallet when it comes time to replace them.

Fortunately, sales on running shoes are happening all the time, and whether you’re dead set on a certain pair or happy to go with whatever’s cheapest, you will be able to find a great deal if you hunt for long enough. Below, you’ll find the best running shoe deals currently available, but first here’s a primer on how to hunt for a bargain yourself.

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How to find the best running shoe deals

When’s the best time to search for deals?

While running shoes are launched throughout the year, many brands release new shoes in two batches for spring and autumn. This is often the case with popular running shoe lines that have been around for decades, like Nike’s Pegasus series, or the Asics Gel-Nimbus line. When a new version of a shoe comes out, it’s always wise to hunt for deals on the previous generation, which might only have a few cosmetic differences from the latest shoe but will be substantially cheaper.

The other great time to look for deals is when major sales events come around. The Black Friday bonanza is a particularly good time to hunt for a bargain on running shoes.

Where should I look for deals?

Some of the biggest running websites will have constant sales and, if you’re in need of shoes pronto, the first places to check are Sports Shoes, Pro:Direct Running and Wiggle, which always have some good options going for a song, even if the sizes available can be limited.

Other big retailers are more hit and miss. Amazon and Sports Direct do often have very cheap running shoes on offer, but it seems to be very random in terms of what is available, and if you have one particular shoe in mind the odds are against you finding it.

It’s also worth going to brand websites directly, especially in the case of Nike and Adidas, who often have some kind of sale on. Nike in particular does great Black Friday deals, often stacking discount codes on top of sale prices to bring popular shoes well under £100.

What kind of shoe do I want?

Even if you’re happy buying any brand, there are still some decisions to be made about the shoe you buy. The main one is whether you need a shoe with stability features to counter overpronation – where your foot rolls excessively inwards upon landing, which can increase your risk of injuries.

If that’s not a problem then a neutral shoe is best. The choice then comes down to whether you want a cushioned shoe to protect your body from the impact of running, or something more streamlined and lightweight to use for fast running, like speedy training sessions or races. There are also all-rounder shoes, which offer enough cushioning to cope with all your training while still being fast enough for races.

The other thing to consider is what surface you’ll be running on: road or trail. Trail shoes will have more grip, and within that category you’ll need to pick between options for rockier, gravel tracks or muddy ground to make sure you have the grip you need. If you’re planning on using a treadmill, then road shoes will be fine.

How much will I have to spend?

Some very cheap running shoes come in at less than £50 with a discount, but even when shopping in the sales you can expect to pay more like £60 to £100, with the sweet spot usually around the £75 to £80 mark for shoes that have been reduced from between £120 and £130.

How much you spend will also depend on how picky you want to be. If you’re happy to get any brand of running shoe so long as it suits your style and needs then you’ll be able to get something for nearer £50 or even below. However, if you’re dead set on a certain brand or even a particular shoe, then you’re more likely to have to spend £70-plus, or wait longer for your preferred option to drop in price.

One final note worth mentioning is that if you’re hoping to find deals on high-end carbon plate racing shoes, then you’re likely to be disappointed. Even in big sales brands tend to exclude these shoes from discounts.

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The best running shoes deals available right now

1. Nike Pegasus 37

Price: £74-£75 | Buy men’s from Nike | Buy women’s from Sports Direct

The Pegasus line has been around for almost four decades, and since Nike updates it every year there are almost always bargains to be had on the previous version of the shoe. The Pegasus 37 is a cushioned, durable trainer that’s suitable for all kinds of training runs, and the outsole has enough grip for both light trails and road running. Right now, the Pegasus is down from £105 to £74 for the men’s shoe on Nike, and £75 for either the men’s or women’s shoe at Sports Direct. Keep an eye on the Nike site for codes that will sometimes bring that sale price down even further.

Key specs – Terrain: Road; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: Training; Weight: 285g; Heel-to-toe offset: 10mm

Buy men’s from NikeBuy women’s from Sports Direct

2. Hoka One One Carbon X

Price: £88-£128 | Buy men’s from Sports Shoes| women’s from Wiggle

Wiggle is hardly giving it away, but bear in mind the Carbon X is a carbon plate racing shoe that has an RRP of £160, so getting it for less than £100 (the women’s shoe) is a fine deal. The Carbon X 2 recently came out, but the X is still a great long distance racing shoe that’s more stable than many carbon plate shoes, making it a better option for logging training runs as well.

Key specs – Terrain: Road; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: Racing: Weight: 246g; Heel-to-toe offset: 5mm

Buy men’s from Sports Shoes Buy women’s from Wiggle

3. New Balance Fresh Foam Tempo

Price: £77 | Buy men’s| women’s from New Balance

New Balance has halved the price of the Tempo shoe in its end of season sale, and while there aren’t many sizes left it’s worth checking to see if you can bag a bargain. The Tempo is a surprisingly light shoe given the generous amount of cushioning it has, and it both offers the speed you need for fast running while also being comfortable on long, easy efforts.

Key specs – Terrain: Road; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: All-rounder; Weight: 241g; Heel-to-toe offset: 6mm

Buy men’s from New BalanceBuy women’s from New Balance

4. Adidas SL20

Price: £60 | Buy men’s| women’s from Pro:Direct Running

The SL20 is great value even at its full RRP of £100, but it’s often reduced to a lot less than that, and can be found for £60 on Pro:Direct Running at the moment. That’s a terrific deal for any runner keen on picking up a firm, fast shoe that’s ideal for speed sessions and short races in particular.

Key specs – Terrain: Road; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: Fast training and racing; Weight: 230g; Heel-to-toe offset: 10mm

Buy men’s from Pro:Direct Running

Buy women’s from Pro:Direct Running

5. Asics Gel-Nimbus 22

Price: £109-£129 | Buy men’s | women’s from Wiggle

Over the past 20 years, the Gel-Nimbus has won over a lot of runners by being a reliable, comfortable and durable shoe that feels good from pretty much the moment you first pull it on until you retire it after many hundreds of miles covered. The 23rd version of the shoe came out recently, so you can find the Gel-Nimbus 22 in sales now. With an RRP of £155, it’s still pretty pricey even after a chunky discount, but the best deals we’ve seen are found on Wiggle at the moment, with the men’s shoe reduced to £109.

Key specs – Terrain: Road; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: Training; Weight: 310g; Heel-to-toe offset: 10mm

Buy women’s from Wiggle

Buy men’s from Wiggle

6. Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5

Price: From £80-£100 | Buy now from Sports Shoes

The Challenger is a versatile, all-terrain shoe that’s at its best on light trails but can cope with road running and more technical terrain as well. The large stack of cushioning makes it comfortable for long runs, but it’s still lightweight enough for faster, shorter stuff, too. The Challenger line is one that Hoka updates regularly, and with the 6 now available you can grab the 5 at a hefty discount from its £115 RRP.

Key specs – Terrain: Trail; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: All-rounder; Weight: 266g; Heel-to-toe offset: 5mm

Buy now from Sports Shoes

7. Higher State Soil Shaker

Price: £30 | Buy now from Sports Shoes

While we’ve never seen the Soil Shaker on sale at its purported RRP of £80, there’s absolutely no doubt that it offers incredible value for money at £30. It’s a shoe built for muddy trails, with deep 8mm lugs on the outsole to help ensure you can find grip on boggy ground. It’s a pretty heavy shoe, but durable and a reliable pick for tackling the trickiest of trails during the wet UK winter.

Key specs – Terrain: Trail; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: Training; Weight: 320g; Heel-to-toe offset: 8mm

Buy now from Sports Shoes

8. Brooks Revel 3

Price: £54-£59 | Buy men’s | women’s from Pro:Direct Running

The Revel is a workhorse of a shoe – whatever you need it to do, it will help you get the job done, and it’s a relatively wallet-friendly option at its RRP of £90. Now that the Revel 4 is out, the 3 is even cheaper, and you can nab it for just over £50 in the Pro:Direct Running sale. Unfortunately there is only size 10 available in the women’s shoe, but men are treated to a range of size options at this price.

Key specs – Terrain: Road; Arch support: Neutral; Best used for: Training; Weight: 249.5g; Heel-to-toe offset: 8mm

Buy men’s from Pro:Direct Running Buy women’s from Pro:Direct Running

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