Samsung Memory Card Plus 4GB MicroSDHC review

Seth Barton
19 Sep 2010
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Worth the extra £3 over a standard memory card if you're a bit of a butter fingers.



Samsung’s Plus range of memory cards are a little different from most. We tested this 4GB MicroSDHC card, but you can get a variety of sizes, as well as fully-fledged SDHC cards. It came with a small rubber case, that the card tucks snugly into plus a mini lanyard to attach it to your phone or keyring, along with an SD adaptor.

Samsung Memory Card Plus 4GB MicroSDHC

The case may appear to be for protection, but actually it’s just to help keep track of the card, as the card is far tougher than it looks. Plus cards can withstand being submerged in water for up to 24 hours, survived being stamped on by our big shoes and are magnetic and X-ray proof too.

Samsung Memory Card Plus 4GB MicroSDHC

In our speed tests it managed 6MB/s write and 12.7MB/s read, which are reasonable scores, but only what you’d expect from a Class 6 card. It’s £3 pounds more expensive than most 4GB cards, but its money well spent if you’re particularly accident-prone.



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