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Best electric scooter 2021: Ride along with finest e-scooters for adults and kids


Our pick of the 13 best electric scooters you can buy for both adults and kids in the UK

When it comes to buying the best electric scooter, it's easy to think that they're all mostly the same, but that's far from the truth. In terms of visual design, there are definitely similarities, but when you look at each e-scooter’s specifications, you’ll notice big variations in top speed, mileage, charge time, weight, weight capacity and even features like water resistance and security.

Over the past year, electric scooters have mushroomed in popularity as people have been looking for safer ways to commute. However, we must warn you that it is currently illegal to ride personal electric scooters on UK roads, something we've explained in detail in our buying guide below.

You'll find that we've begun this page with a quick at-a-glance list of the best electric scooters that you'll find further down the page. After that, we have an entire section on the factors you should consider before you make your buying decision. Finally, we've listed the 13 best electric scooters in the UK this year based on our tests.

Read on to begin your electric scooter journey in the best way possible.

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Best electric scooters: At a glance

How to choose the best electric scooter for you

Choosing an electric scooter isn’t as easy as you might think, and there are also some legal questions to consider before buying one. The following section should help you decide on what sort of electric scooter you’re looking for and whether you feel fully comfortable buying one. We'll start off with the laws surrounding electric scooters in the UK, US and Europe.

Are rental e-scooters legal in the UK?

The UK Department for Transport has legalised the use of rental electric scooters in specific UK cities, with more cities being added to the list every month. You can ride these rental e-scooters on roads, cycle lanes and tracks – provided you have a UK provisional or full driving licence – but not on pavements. Vehicles are limited to 15.5mph and helmets are recommended but not mandatory. The government will monitor the use of rental e-scooters and their impact on the UK public transport space before considering whether or not to legalise private electric scooters on UK roads.

Are private e-scooters legal in the UK?

Private electric scooters are classified as "personal light electric vehicles" in the UK, which means that you're only legally allowed to use them on private land with the landowner's permission. If you're caught riding one on roads or pavements, you can be fined and receive six points on your driving licence. Recently, the UK Transport Committee of MPs came out in favour of them and said that electric scooters should be legalised on roads, but until an official ruling is made, they're still currently illegal to ride on both roads and pavements in the UK.

Are electric scooters legal in the US?

While private electric scooters are legal in most US states, their laws tend to differ from state to state. While some states such as California have embraced them, making them a common sight on roads, other states have different legislations – including strict speed limits, helmets below a certain age or only street use – to ensure safety. Some states even require you to have a driving licence to ride an e-scooter.

Are electric scooters legal in Europe?

Just like with US states, different European countries have different private e-scooter laws. While many European countries initially banned them, most countries have now softened their stance. They are now legal to ride in most European tourist hubs including France, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands, but each of these countries has different laws regarding the use of helmets, maximum speed limit and so on.

Are you buying for a child or an adult?

We've covered both child- and adult-friendly electric scooters in our roundup, so before you scroll down and discover the best electric scooters, you should be fully sure of who you’re buying this scooter for. There’s absolutely no shame in riding an electric scooter to work, but traversing through town on a kid-sized one may not do much for your street cred. And, on the other side of that coin, your child won't be ready to handle the speed and power of more grown-up models.

How fast and far do you want to go, and how often?

The main differences between electric scooters relate to how fast they can go, how far they can go and how often you’ll need to charge them. If you’re planning to use one for your commute, it’s worth considering the total mileage you need to cover daily, and how quickly you’d like to be travelling on it. Also, consider whether your electric scooter will be able to complete your commute in both directions without needing a recharge, which will save you the hassle of carrying its charger around all day.

How much should you spend?

Most of the good adult electric scooters cost around £400, but if you want longer mileage between charges, then you're looking at something nearer to the £600 mark. Generally speaking, you’ll see longer-lasting batteries, higher speeds and better mileage the more you're willing to spend. But if you’re planning on using your scooter for only an hour or two each day, you may be better off choosing a good cheaper or mid-range unit instead.

Do you need a helmet when riding an electric scooter?

Electric scooters are relatively easy to carry and control but it's important to be safe while riding them. The use of helmets isn't mandatory in the UK, but we always recommend wearing one while riding an e-scooter. Even though electric scooters are really easy to control, it's better to be safe than sorry. There's no reason not to purchase a helmet because you can get one for as little as £20 from most reputed online retailers.

Precautions to take before riding your electric scooter for the first time

Electric scooters are relatively easy to operate, but if you haven't ridden one before, their speed and manoeuvrability can take some getting used to. Before riding your electric scooter in any crowded space, we recommend getting a hang of it for about an hour in a secluded area. Apart from checking all its features (including if any are hidden within an accompanying app), pay careful attention to how much pressure you need to apply to the throttle to accelerate, and to the brakes when you need to slow down or halt. While riding, it's a good habit to always keep one hand on the brake, so you don't lose control of your electric scooter.

The best electric scooters to buy this year

1. Pure Air: The best electric scooter

Price: £449 | Buy now from Pure Electric

If there's one electric scooter that we can't recommend highly enough in 2021, it's the Pure Air. After launching last year, Pure Electric made some much-needed tweaks to the second generation of this e-scooter, including a bigger 500W motor that provides better acceleration and sharper climbing ability from the get-go. With its IP65 water resistance, the scooter is built for British conditions and unpredictable weather. It also has a maximum load capacity of 120kg, which is 20kg higher than most other e-scooters on this list.

In terms of features, this year's version has app compatibility that lets you lock the motor if you need to leave your scooter unattended for a few minutes. Even though it doesn't have cruise control, this scooter is a dream to ride, mainly because of its 10in pneumatic puncture-proof tyres that guarantee a smooth journey, regardless of what surface you're riding on.

Read our full Pure Air review for more details

Key specs – Range: 18.6 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 17kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 5.5 hours; Motor power: 500W

Buy now from Pure Electric

2. Xiaomi Pro 2: The best value electric scooter

Price: £499 | Buy now from Pure Electric

If there's one electric scooter brand name we trust it's Xiaomi. The company not only made one of the most popular e-scooters, the Xiaomi M365, but it has also continued to deliver spectacular results with the new generation of e-scooters - the 1S and our favourite model of the bunch - the Pro 2, which is essentially an upgrade of the discontinued Xiaomi M365 Pro. When it comes to build quality, price and features, you'll find that the Xiaomi Pro 2 is a hard electric scooter to beat.

It provides a great range of 28 miles per charge, meaning that you can go at least a few trips without charging the scooter, and its 14.2kg weight makes it much easier to carry than any of Pure Air's offerings. The 8.5in pneumatic tyres provide firm grip on any surface and we love its cruise control feature that lets you take your hand off the accelerator throttle from time to time. The only downside is that you cannot ride this e-scooter in wet weather and it only accommodates a maximum rider weight of 100kg, neither of which should be a problem for most people.

Read our full Xiaomi 1S review for more details

Key specs - Range: 28 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 14.2kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time: 8.5 hours; Motor power: 300W

Buy now from Pure Electric

3. Pure Air Go: The best budget electric scooter

Price: £299 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Rarely will you find an electric scooter that costs around £300 that has features on par with models that cost twice as much. The Pure Air Go achieves just that. Coming from the same stable as the Pure Air and Pure Air Go, this new scooter that was launched for the first time this year has many of the same features you'll find in its sister models, including class-leading IP65 water-resistance, the ability to accommodate a maximum weight of 120kg, and super-comfortable 10in puncture-proof pneumatic tyres.

However, at this price, there needs to be some compromise and for the Pure Air Go this comes in the form of its motor wattage and battery. While its 350W is not really noticeable unless you've ridden a scooter with a larger 500W motor, the battery life can be an issue, especially if you ride it in its highest speed mode for a long time. That said, for this low price, you would always have to compromise on something and if you're only going to use it for short journeys and are happy to charge it regularly, then you'll find that it's well worth every penny.

Read our full Pure Air Go review for more details

Key specs – Range: 12.4 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 16kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 3.5 hours; Motor power: 350W

Buy now from Pure Electric

4. Carrera impel is-1: Best e-scooter with security features

Price: £399 | Buy now from Halfords

In many aspects, electric scooters are still in their infancy. One of the biggest drawbacks of this is that they don't have any secure locking mechanism or safety feature that comes as a standard yet. Putting their years of e-bike knowledge to good use, UK retailer Halfords has come up with an ingenious solution with its own-brand Carrera impel is-1 electric scooter. The scooter comes with a built-in alarm system and an integrated cable lock that lets you fasten it around something for added security and then lock it in place with a combination barrel.

Apart from this, we also like its control pad that sits within easy reach of your left hand and lets you shift through the different speed modes without stopping. In most other scooters, you're advised to set the speed mode before riding because the control pad usually sits flush in the middle of the handlebar beneath the scooter display. Another good feature is its IPX5 water resistance, making it both water and rain-proof.

Read our full Carrera impel is-1 review for more details

Key specs – Range: 18.6 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 17kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time: 4 hours; Motor power: 350W

Buy now from Halfords

5. Bug Q5 Electric Kids: Best for kids aged 4 to 8

Price: Was £120; now £99 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Electric scooters can be as much fun for kids as they are for adults. If your kid is comfortable on his or her push scooter, then should you should consider upgrading them to this Bug Q5 electric kids scooter, which is suitable for kids between four and eight years. Available in two colours – light blue and yellow – the Bug Q5 has a push button on the deck to control the accelerator, which has a gentle top speed of 3.7mph.

This kids e-scooter has three adjustable height levels, so it can grow with your child. Even better is can be folded if you need to carry it and store it in your car. Its 100W battery takes about three hours to charge fully and the rear foot brake, rubber grips and three wheels will contribute towards your child overall safety and enjoyment while preparing them for bigger scooters with even more power.

Key specs – Range: 3.7 miles; Top speed: 3.7mph; E-scooter weight: 3.9kg; Maximum rider weight: 50kg; Charge time: 3 hours; Motor power: 110W

Buy now from Pure Electric

6. Ninebot Segway Zing E8 Kids: Best for kids aged 6 to 12

Price: £225 | Buy now from Halfords

Kids love riding push scooters, but their biggest fear when switching to electric scooters is getting used to the vehicle's sudden acceleration and speed. While the Razor Power Core E90 below is the best electric scooter for older kids, it may be slightly too fast for smaller kids. If that's the case, then this new Zing E8 electric scooter from reputed e-scooter company Ninebot Segway is the perfect solution because it can travel at 6.2mph, meaning you can even jog beside your little ones to accompany them.

Suitable for children aged six years and over, this e-scooter is designed with safety in mind. Available in two colours – blue and pink – the Ninebot Segway Zing E8 has an on and off power button to let you use it either as a normal (push-assisted) scooter or as an electric scooter. You can change riding modes using safe mode. In this mode, it only goes up to 6.2mph, but you can increase this to 8.7mph as they build their confidence riding.

Key specs – Range: 6.2 miles; Top speed: 8.7mph; E-scooter weight: 7.9kg; Maximum rider weight: 50kg; Charge time: 4 hours; Motor power: 200W

Buy now from Halfords

7. Pure Air Pro LR: Scooter with the longest range

Price: £749 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Pure Electric's third entry in our list is its most recent release. LR stands for "long-range", so it's good to see that the scooter lives up to its name delivering an incredible 37 miles on a single charge. All this comes at a price though and at £749, the scooter is one of the most expensive on our list. But it's well worth it, especially if you're the type of person who doesn't like charging your e-scooter often, or worrying about battery life dying on you mid-ride.

The Pure Air Pro LR retains many of Pure Air's market-leading features, including IP65 water resistance, a maximum rider weight of 120kg and comfortable 10in pneumatic tyres that offer a comfortable ride on almost any hard surface. However, the scooter has two distinguishing factors that separate it from its cousins. The Pure Air Pro LR has a maximum motor wattage of 700W, meaning you get better acceleration and climbing ability than all other Pure Air offerings, and it has an upgraded design with a new, sleek skateboard-like deck, that we're huge fans of.

Read our full Pure Air Pro LR review for more details

Key specs – Range: 37.2 miles; Top speed: 15.5mph; E-scooter weight: 17.5kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 9.5 hours; Motor power: 500W

Buy now from Pure Electric

8. Reid E4 Plus: The best scooter with solid rubber wheels

Price: Was £599; now £429 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Most electric scooters these days come with solid rubber wheels. While these have obvious advantages like never having to worry about a puncture, we are apprehensive about wholeheartedly recommending them because they don't guarantee a comfortable ride compared to pneumatic tyres, like the ones on the Pure Air and Xiaomi range. Rubber wheels on the Ninebot Segway series, for example, have resulted in us feeling every bump when riding on even slightly uneven terrain.

The Reid E4 Plus is the first electric scooter with solid rubber wheels that's a pleasure to ride, thanks to its brilliant 10in wheels with in-cellular tyres – holes within the wheels to absorb and negate any additional impact. We also loved its underdeck lights that pulsate different colours. Even though it's purely aesthetic, it's sure to catch the eye when you're riding at nighttime. The scooter also has one of the brightest headlights we've seen.

Read our full Reid E4 Plus review for more details

Key specs - Range: 17 miles; Top speed: 15mph; E-scooter weight: 14kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time: 5 hours; Motor power: 350W

Buy now from Pure Electric

9. Razor Power Core E90: Best for older kids

Price: £199 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Aimed at children aged eight years and over, this affordable option from Razor is a great way to introduce your little one to the joys of electrically enhanced scooters, provided they're comfortable riding a push scooter on their own for a few years. You’ll get almost 90 minutes of continuous use out of a single charge, as well as safe top speeds of 10mph. The Razor E90 Electric Scooter Power Core is very easy to use, which makes it an ideal learning e-scooter.

It turns on with a kickstart and a simple handle grip twist is used to control the speed. The hand-operated calliper brake is also easy to get to grips with, while the pneumatic front wheel tyre makes for a smooth ride with ample traction. It’s also virtually maintenance-free, with no alignment or chain to worry about.

Key specs – Range: 13 miles; Top speed: 11mph; E-scooter weight: 9.9kg; Maximum rider weight: 54kg; Charge time: 12 hours; Motor power: 90W

Buy now from Pure Electric

10. SoFlow SO2: Best e-scooter with adjustable handlebar height

Price: Was £499; now £449 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Most of the adult electric scooters on this list come with fixed handlebar heights. While this shouldn't be a problem for most people, if you're a shorter rider – or indeed a taller one – who wants to adjust the handlebar height to your preference, then the SoSlow SO2 is the best electric scooter for you. Apart from adjusting this height, you can also fold the handlebars, making the scooter easy and convenient to store.

Compared to other e-scooters on this list, the SoFlow SO2 has a powerful 500W motor that makes tackling inclines and gradients a breeze, and it can also accommodate a maximum rider weight of 120kg – a feature that only the Pure Air series can otherwise boast of. Its IP54 rating means that you can use the scooter in light rain and drive through puddles. However, you should stay away from heavy rain because it's not waterproof.

Key specs – Range: 24 miles; Top speed: 14mph; E-scooter weight: 15.5kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 4 hours; Motor power: 500W

Buy now from Pure Electric

11. Inokim Ox: The best high-end electric scooter

Price: £1,399 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Up at the highest price echelons of the price market, the Inokim Oxo Electric Scooter has an awful lot going for it. With blazing-fast top speeds of 29mph and a maximum riding distance of 58 miles, this e-scooter is the closest thing to a genuine mode of transport that you're going to find. Unlike other scooters on this list that have a maximum capacity of 100kg, the Inokim Ox can carry up to 120kg, making it perfect for bigger people who are looking for something sturdy that lasts miles between charges – literally.

The Inokim Ox is one of the largest and most powerful scooters that you can currently buy online. Depending on your preference, you can even adjust its suspension position for better stability. With more than 800W of power and a battery that can last you days – even weeks – between charges, the Inokim Oxo really packs a punch and is worth every penny, if you can afford it.

Key specs – Range: 56 miles; Top speed: 29mph; E-scooter weight: 28.5kg; Maximum rider weight: 120kg; Charge time: 7 hours; Motor power: 800W

Buy now from Pure Electric

12. Bird One: Best electric scooter with location tracking

Price: Was £899; now £699 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Bird operates its rental e-scooter scheme in more than 130 countries. With over 10 million rides so far, it's one of the most ridden e-scooter brands in the world. The Bird One is the company's first foray into the private e-scooter market. One of the best features that the company has retained from its rental e-scooter scheme is location tracking. Every Bird One e-scooter comes with Bluetooth, GSM and GPS connectivity, so you can remotely track its precise location on your phone.

Apart from that, you can even remotely lock and unlock it – for example, to give someone access to your e-scooter while you're away, or remotely disable e-scooter access if someone has stolen your e-scooter. Even though the Bird One has good range, top speed and comfortable 9in semi-solid pneumatic tyres, we must warn you that it's extremely heavy, weighing 17kg. While this isn't unusual for most adult e-scooters, you cannot fold this e-scooter, which makes it difficult to both carry and store.

Read our full Bird One review for more details

Key specs – Range: 25 miles; Top speed: 18mph; E-scooter weight: 17.5kg; Maximum rider weight: 100kg; Charge time: 6 hours; Motor power: 300W

Buy now from Pure Electric

13. Unagi Model One E500: The most stylish electric scooter

Price: £899 | Buy now from Pure Electric

Among all the e-scooters that we’ve reviewed, the Unagi Model One has the most futuristic design, coming with a unique folding mechanism where the handlebars float above the rear wheel. We reviewed an earlier version that had two 225W motors in both wheels, whereas this newer model has 250W motors in both wheels.

What we didn’t like about the e-scooter then – which, sadly, holds true even now – is that the e-scooter has solid rubber wheels on 7.5in puncture-proof rubber tyres. This makes the e-scooter extremely bumpy on uneven terrain, even though it rides like a dream on flat roads. Unlike other e-scooters that have a mechanical brake, the Unagi Model One has a brake paddle that takes some getting used to initially.

Key specs – Range: 15 miles; Top speed: 15mph; E-scooter weight: 12kg; Maximum rider weight: 125kg; Charge time: 5 hours; Motor power: 500W

Buy now from Pure Electric