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Pure Electric launches three new electric scooters

Leading UK e-scooter retailer has launched the second generation of its popular Pure Air scooters

Last year, leading UK e-scooter and e-bike retailer Pure Electric launched its own range of electric scooters, the Pure Air and the Pure Air Pro. Both scooters proved worthy of a spot on our best electric scooter roundup.

Today, the British company updated its product line with the second generation of Pure Air and Pure Air Pro e-scooters. As well as upgrading its existing products, Pure has also launched a third entry-level e-scooter called the Pure Air Go.

So what’s new? The Pure Air Go is the only new scooter to feature a 350W motor: although both the Pure Air and Pure Air Pro originally launched with a similar motor, the updated models now use a more powerful 500W version. This gives them a noticeable advantage, especially when accelerating from a standstill and climbing inclines and hills.

In addition to this, the second generation of the Pure Air and Pure Air Pro also comes with a USB charging port attached to the handlebar, which means you can charge your phone as you ride, or even attach a USB light if needed.

Moreover, the new scooters can now be paired with the free Pure app – a notable omission from last year’s models at launch. The app can be used to see exactly how much battery you have remaining; lock the motor when you leave your e-scooter for a few minutes; and even change the default metric unit on the e-scooter display from kph to mph.

All the electric scooters in the Pure Air range are waterproof out of the box; you can void the warranty of most other e-scooters if you ride them in rain. The scooters also have 10in pneumatic tyres that perform well on rough and smooth terrain. Finally, they allow for a maximum rider weight of 120kg, whereas most others max out at 100kg.

You can purchase the Pure Air Go for £349, the Pure Air for £449 and the Pure Air Pro for £599 directly from Pure Electric. All three e-scooters are available in black and grey, with a special Kimoa edition coming later this year.

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