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Best Mother’s Day card 2022: Classic and customisable cards to show your appreciation

Bring heartwarming joy to your mum on 27 March with one of these unique, funny and ethical Mothering Sunday cards

While gifting expensive presents might be a nice Mother’s Day treat, often a mum will have their heart warmed most by a personalised, handwritten card from her loving kids.

You should of course try to show appreciation for your mum all the time, but Mother’s Day is a golden opportunity to celebrate the person that has likely been supporting you for as long as you can remember. That’s particularly true if you’ve moved away and are seeing your mum less often – but even if you can make time to visit, a card is guaranteed to brighten their day.

Whatever the situation, it’s a must that you get a quality card in time for this year’s Mothering Sunday on 27 March. We’ve gathered a list of the best cards to show your love and appreciation, including classic varieties for traditionalists, fun ones for the mums who love a laugh and fully customisable cards if personalisation is the aim, among many others.

And while cards are touching, we all know they’ll usually end up in the bin after a week or so. So, we’ve made sure these picks are eco-friendly and avoid using non-recyclable materials such as glitter, or that they’re contributing towards a charitable cause to make them an even more worthwhile purchase. Read on to dive into our top picks.

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Best Mother’s Day cards for 2022

1. To my beautiful mum: Best traditional card

Price: £2.50 | Buy now from WhistleFish

Taking the classic approach can often be the safest option on Mother’s Day and with this floral, watercolour style card you’ll be sending off a real beauty your mum is bound to appreciate. Luxurious gold foil and embossed wording complete the card cover and announce a happy Mother’s Day to the recipient.

Inside there is a “very special mum” message pre-typed to get your brain whirring, while still leaving room for the loving, personalised note that your mother is really interested in reading. But if you’d prefer to get the card sent directly to their door on a day of your choosing, you can have a 200-character message put in for a higher cost, and it will still feel just as special since the message is handwritten.

To top things off, it’s all printed using methods certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) on 100% recycled paper stock and packaged in a 100% recycled paper envelope.

Specs – Size: 195 x 195mm

Buy now from WhistleFish

2. Who runs the world?: Best card from young children

Price: £3.29 | Buy now from Card Factory

When your children are too young to go out and buy a card themselves, it can still be nice to appreciate the efforts of your partner in raising them by getting a card from the children (via you). This card will show just how much your child values their strong, confident mum as the superhero she is. It’s customisable, meaning you can write the child’s name on the front and put your own 765-character message inside, or simply leave it blank if you want your child(ren) to get creative and sign off themselves.

It’s also a Macmillan charity card so will provide support to those affected by cancer, and it’s environmentally sound since it’s printed in the UK on FSC-approved card without any additional glitter or non-recyclable material.

Specs – Size: 150 x 150mm

Buy now from Card Factory

3. Thanks for everything: Best customisable card

Price: £3.50 | Buy now from Papier

If you want to completely customise your Mother’s Day gift, this card from Papier offers you the opportunity at a fair price. On the front, there’s a set message bordering your selected picture – “Thanks for everything you do Mum” – with the picture itself being anything you choose to upload at any rotation, and there’s even the option to add a filter. You can change anything inside the card too, from the line spacing, text size and letter spacing to the font, text alignment and colour. So long as it all fits and there’s no overflowing text, you’re good to go, or you can simply leave it blank and put in your own handwritten message.

All Papier paper cards are sustainably sourced from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests, and 30p from every Mother’s Day card it sells goes to Women for Women International, which helps female survivors of war rebuild their lives.

Specs – Size: 127 x 177.8mm

Buy now from Papier

4. Hugging sloth: Best pop-out 3D card

Price: £7.50 | Buy now from Paperchase

After year upon year of card giving for Mother’s Day (among all the other card-giving holidays), perhaps things have become a little tired for you and your mum’s liking. If you want to shake things up a little bit while still keeping to the tradition, a 3D card might do the trick.

This card from Paperchase is sure to make everyone smile whatever their age through a fun arm-extending design, especially if they have a soft spot for animals. The cartoon sloth extends its arms when pulled to show just how much you love your mum and stands up easily so you can keep it on show. It’s FSC approved and packaged with widely recycled materials so the wider world – including some real sloths – will appreciate your effort, too. And besides, who doesn’t like sloths?

Specs – Size: 190 x 180mm

Buy now from Paperchase

5. Thanks for wiping my bum: Best fun card

Price: £4 | Buy now from Amazon

Life is about laughter and if you want an inoffensive, humorous card to make your mum chuckle on Mother’s Day then this one could be for you. Commenting on that well-established age difference between you and your mother, this card will surely produce some smiles on Mothering Sunday. You’ll get to write your own message on the inside since it’s completely blank, while the card itself is made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials. It even comes with some fun stickers if you want to get a bit creative with your design skills.

Specs – Size: 150 x 150mm

6. Flowers for Grandma: Best card for your Grandmother

Price: £3.50 | Buy now from Papier

Sometimes those who raise us or play a big role in our upbringing aren’t actually our official mothers, but it’s still important to show your gratitude for everything they’ve done for us. This card from Papier is for the Grandma in your life that needs celebrating. Featuring a modern, scribbly drawing of a bouquet of flowers, you’ll have the image of a hand-made card without needing the right tools and stationery. On the inside, you can personalise the whole message or leave it blank and write your own depending on your preference.

You’ll also be helping a charitable, women-uplifting cause: 30p from every Mother’s Day card Papier sells goes to Women for Women International – a charity that helps female survivors of war rebuild their lives. And even better still, all Papier paper cards are sustainably sourced from responsibly managed, FSC-certified forests.

Specs – Size: 127 x 177.8mm

Buy now from Papier

7. Hallmark Mother’s Day card: Best card for dog lovers

Price: £2 | Buy now from Amazon

Children don’t always have to be human. In fact, pets are very much central to a lot of family lives and are part of the family themselves. For those buying a Mother’s Day gift for the proud parent of a little dog, this fun card will make it look like the dog is doing the sending while you spread the puppy love. Featuring an odd-ball drawing of a cute pup, this Hallmark card has pink foil lettering and embossed details that make it a standout pick, and it also features a paw-some pun on the inside.

Specs – Size: 173 x 119mm

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