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Best wedding gift: The best gift ideas to tickle any couple’s fancy

Choose the perfect wedding gift to reflect your best wishes for the happy couple

Shopping for a wedding gift can be tricky. Wedding etiquette is daunting, and you may feel obliged to spend more than you can afford. However, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to giving wedding gifts, and your friends and family certainly won’t want you to empty your bank account for their benefit.

So, it’s good news that you can give a thoughtful and beautiful gift without breaking the bank. If you play to the recipients’ personalities and put genuine thought into your purchase, you can give the perfect gift at almost any price point. Custom or personalised items can add a special touch to any present, and there are many customisable gifts to choose from.

Whether the couple you’re buying for prefer experiences, home goods or other fun presents, our list has some great ideas to help you find the perfect wedding gift.

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Best wedding gifts: At a glance

  • Best wedding gift for adventurous couples: Tinggly Wedding Experience | Buy now
  • Best wedding gift for couples who cook: Le Creuset Casserole Dish | Buy now
  • Best long-lasting wedding gift: The Couple’s Bucket List | Buy now
  • Best wedding gift for couples who entertain: Personalised Cheese Board | Buy now
  • Best unique home decor wedding gift: Hand Casting Kit | Buy now

How to choose the best wedding gift

When shopping for a wedding gift, there are several things to consider when choosing.

Has the couple created a registry?

The surest way to know what would make the perfect gift is to take guidance from the couple themselves. If they’ve created a wedding registry, it’s a lot easier to find a gift at your price point that you know they’ll love. A registry gives you an idea of what they need and what they don’t, without having to ask them directly and revealing your hand.

You might even collaborate with other guests on a high-ticket registry item. Having multiple people purchase one item ensures the couple will be receiving a gift they love without anyone spending more than they can afford.

What if there’s no registry?

Without a registry, it’s a bit harder to know what the couple wants or needs. So, you’ll need to get creative. Some ways to choose a gift include:

Ask people close to the couple. Family, close friends – in fact, anyone who’s talked gifts with the couple – may have insight into what makes them happy.

Consider their personalities, styles and interests, and build an idea from there. Whether they love to travel, find joy in cooking, are cocktail connoisseurs, or have an eye for art, you can find a gift that matches their interests. Chances are, those gifts can even be personalised.

If you can’t think of something new, upgrade something they already have. Maybe they love to cook but are still using bargain store cookware. In that case, the perfect wedding gift could be a high-quality cookware item.

If you really, truly don’t know what to get them, a monetary gift or gift card is an easy choice and always appreciated.

If you’re feeling pressure, just keep in mind that no matter what type of gift you choose, nothing will compare to the joy they’ll feel celebrating their love with the people they care for, including you.

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The best wedding gifts to buy in 2022

1. Tinggly Wedding Experiences: The best wedding gift for adventurous couples

Price: £69-£399 | Buy now from TingglyWhether you want to help the couple with their honeymoon or give them an incredible experience, Tinggly lets you make presents out of adventures. There are dozens of gift boxes on offer, and a range of experiences that the couple can choose themselves: from a single night in a European hotel to hot air balloon rides and even glacier hiking.

Tinggly gifts have no expiry date, so there’s no pressure to use the gift right away. Experiences are easy to book and available worldwide. Tinggly is eco-friendly, too: for every box purchased, the company plants trees, and it offsets 200% of the CO2 created during the experience. Even the boxes are made from recycled materials.

Giving a travel experience is a unique and stand-out gift. The couple can choose exactly what adventures they want to embark on, and it’s something they’ll remember for a lifetime.

Key details – Delivery time: 2-5 business days; Refund: Within 30 days

Buy now from Tinggly

2. Le Creuset Cast Iron Casserole Dish: The best wedding gift for couples who cook

Price: £159-£500 | Buy now from Le CreusetAny couple that love to cook will appreciate a piece of Le Creuset kitchenware. This versatile casserole dish is a perfect staple for the kitchen and, being oval, it can accommodate larger items without taking up the entire oven.

Available in eight different sizes, the Le Creuset cast iron casserole dish can be used on an electric, gas or induction hob, ceramic glass cooktop, in the oven and even under the grill. There are several colour options, too, so you can get a dish to match any kitchen. It has convenient features such as a heat-resistant handle and an easy-to-clean enamel interior.

The cast iron ensures heat is distributed evenly, and the lid helps retain moisture to keep food moist and succulent. The dish is also freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Overall, it’s the perfect addition to any couple’s kitchen.

Key details – Delivery: 7-10 business days; Sizes: 23-40 cm; Colours available: 13

Buy now from Le Creuset

3. The Couple’s Bucket List – 100 Unique Date Night Ideas: The best long-lasting wedding gift

Price: £50 | Buy now from AmazonThis one gift can spawn a hundred nights of fun for the couple getting married. It’s a box containing 100 ideas to help them get to know each other and try new things. None of the tasks is difficult, and they don’t require much (if any) money to complete.

The cards fall into three categories: life, love and laughter. The box has a mix of suggestions for delicious dinner dates, deep conversations, fun activities and more, and there are separators, so the couple track which activities they’ve done, which are in progress, and which are still to come.

This is a great option for a couple who are already living together and don’t need household items, providing them with a reason to keep on with date nights, and a way to go deeper than the day-to-day conversations.

Key details – Delivery cost: Free; Customer rating: 4.4/5

4. Personalised cheese board: The best wedding gift for couples who entertain

Price: £23 | Buy now from EtsyPeople who love to host know that a deliciously crafted grazing board is the key to a successful gathering. So, for the couple that entertain, a personalised cheese board is perfect.

This particular board is made of bamboo, which is a sustainable material that naturally fights bacteria, and includes a drawer with a flat cheese knife, narrow plane knife, heart knife and a cheese fork. The board can be personalised in a variety of ways, with options including a centre placement with or without a design, or a bottom placement with or without a monogrammed circle. There’s also the option for a custom personalisation.

You can request your own location, style and design for a completely unique board, and the design is added using laser engraving. Overall, this personalised cheese board is an affordable yet stylish and special gift for any couple that love to host.

Key details – Dimensions: 35 x 19 x 4cm; Number of cheese knives: 4

Buy now from Etsy

5. Hand Casting Kit: The best unique home decor wedding gift

Price: £30 | Buy now from AmazonSome couples love to put their relationship on display. So, for a special twist on this decor trend, consider gifting a hand-casting kit, which allows them to cast their hands in plaster to produce a life-sized ornament.

The kit has step-by-step instructions and is easy to use. It includes a package of alginate with colour indicator, a kilogram of ceramic plaster, a three-litre container and bamboo sticks for mixing. The material is safe for skin and non-toxic to use, and the end result is a beautiful sculpture that captures even the finest details.

Couples can have fun pre-planning the hand pose they like best, and finish with something they can proudly display on the shelf. They might choose to paint the final product, or keep it the classic white, to fit with any decor.

Key details – DermaTest included: Yes; Pieces in kit: 8

6. Bespoke Watercolour Wedding Venue Portrait: The best artwork wedding gift

Price: £14-£29 | Buy now from EtsyAnother option for couples who like to adorn their walls with art is a watercolour painting that commemorates their special day. Commissioning a portrait of the wedding venue is a subtle yet beautiful celebration of their day, which they can proudly put on display. Each painting is hand sketched and painted to order using watercolour, so no two are ever the same.

There’s a variety of sizes to choose from, starting at 4 x 6in and going all the way up to A3, with or without a frame. If you don’t have time to wait for shipping, you can plump for a digital download instead.
The paintings also come with personalization, including the name of the couple and venue, and the date of the wedding. This is a beautiful, unique gift.

Key details – Frame colour options: Black, white

Buy now from Etsy

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