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This Ring Whole Home Security Pack gives you peace of mind at an affordable price

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Home security needn’t cost a fortune – this Ring Whole Home Security Pack offers superb value for money

There’s an old saying that you can’t put a price on security. But if you could, it would probably be a whole lot more than what Currys wants for this superb Ring Whole Home Security Pack.

You may know Ring from the Video Doorbells that put the brand on the map, but it’s grown to be a big name in the world of connected security, offering alarms and cameras to make your home the nemesis of would-be burglars.

Best of all, every Ring product works from the same app, giving you peace of mind from your mobile or tablet wherever you are in the world.

The included “protected by Ring” sticker in a window tells burglars that a house is more trouble than it’s worth, knowing that notifications will start popping up on phones the moment motion is detected.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is protected makes the competitive pricing of Ring’s products even more appealing.

Here’s everything you get in the pack, highlighting what makes each piece an essential part of your home’s defences.

Buy the Ring Whole Home Security Pack from Currys

Ring Alarm 7-piece Security Pack (2nd gen)

The star of the show is the Ring Alarm itself. Gone are the days when Ring was just about Doorbells: this DIY pack includes the Base Station, an Alarm Keypad for setting/unsetting Ring Alarm, two Motion Sensors, two Contact Sensors and a Range Extender. The Base Station is the brains behind it all, connecting the system to your home internet and mobile devices so you can get alerts as soon as activity is detected.

Because it’s a smart device, you can arm your Ring Alarm remotely via your phone or tablet or by using the Keypad, and you can also set up guest access with a unique PIN to let the cat sitter or cleaner through without bothering the whole neighbourhood.And if you enable a Ring Geofence, you’ll be sent a reminder to turn on the Ring Alarm when you and your phone leave the house – ensuring you strike the right balance between secure and accidentally giving your house guests an unpleasant wake-up call.

There are other features you can enable with a subscription to Ring Protect Plus, too, such as a Panic button on the Keypad and automated calls to your emergency contacts when an intruder is detected. This is harder to miss than a notification, and lets you immediately check in on your Ring Indoor Cam without worrying about what might be happening back home. If all of your devices are connected via the Ring app, then your Video Doorbell and Indoor Cam will start to record automatically if the Alarm is triggered.

Ring Indoor Cam

Speaking of cameras, the bundle comes with a great one: the Ring Indoor Cam. This clever little plug-in camera is compact and extremely flexible, with the stand doubling as a wall or ceiling mount so you can survey whatever angle of the room you like.Once in place, it can deliver Live View straight to your phone or tablet and backs up to 180 days of recorded clips safely and securely straight to the cloud*, allowing you to review, save and share your videos. There’s Two-Way Talk so you can challenge any spotted intruders directly (or simply talk to lonely pets when you’re out and about).

With Night Vision to see in the dark, the Indoor Cam delivers a high-definition 1080p video stream straight to your phone at any hour of the day or night so you never miss a detail.

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen)

Finally, there’s the product that put Ring on the security map, the Ring Video Doorbell.

Whenever the Video Doorbell is pressed, your phone will notify you, giving you instant access to a high-definition 1080p Live View from your front door. There’s a Two-Way Talk feature, so you can instruct the postie where to leave a package, or simply pretend you’re inside if you don’t trust the intentions of your mystery visitor.

But it does more than that. The Ring Video Doorbell alerts you to motion, meaning you can see if anyone has stepped onto your property, and with a secure cloud storage* of these clips, you can look back on who has been at your house and when for 180 days*. With mine, for example, I was able to capture very usable footage of somebody stealing a parcel from my front door last month!Remember, all of these security systems can be accessed together from one simple dashboard all in the Ring App, giving you simplicity as well as peace of mind. If anything is amiss, you’ll be the first to know via your phone or tablet, wherever you are in the world.

And, of course, it can all be used together by linking them all in the Ring app. Say your Ring Alarm tells you a window contact sensor has been triggered. With the Linked Devices feature, your Video Doorbell and Indoor Cam will automatically start recording. You can immediately bring up the Indoor Cam to see what’s going on live in your home, or bring up your Video Doorbell to check in on the footage it caught ahead of the trigger*.

Add an Amazon Echo Show to your setup and you can get instant footage from your Video Doorbell and Indoor Cam just by saying the words out loud and will receive notifications when motion is detected. In fact, the beauty of Ring is that you can add more sensors and cameras to your setup as you go, all accessible from the same app – though this seven-piece Alarm pack, Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) and Indoor Cam pack is more than enough to get you started.

With the cost-of-living crisis beginning to bite, nobody wants to have to replace all their belongings after a burglary. The Ring Whole Home Security Pack will make that eventuality significantly less likely at a price that’s surprisingly affordable.

Buy the Ring Whole Home Security Pack from Currys

*Your Ring smart devices let you check live footage free of charge, but if you want to save it to watch back later you’ll need to buy a Ring Protect subscription plan. A free 30-day trial is included. 

Ring Protect Subscription: £3.49 per month or £34.99 per year

Ring Protect Plus Subscription: £8.00 per month or £30 per year

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