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Best skin supplement 2023: Get your glow on

Rejuvenate a tired-looking complexion from the inside out with this selection of the best skin supplements

here’s no denying that great skin comes from within – but is it possible to get all we need from a healthy diet, some sunshine, and a good-quality SPF?

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple and – as a result of today’s fast-paced lifestyles – everything from impaired digestive function to nervous tension can wreak havoc on our faces.

“Did you know, there’s a bidirectional relationship between the gut and skin that’s often referred to as the gut-skin axis? That means our gut health plays a critical role in skin health,” explains Rhian Stephenson, nutritionist, naturopath, and founder of Artah. “Inflammatory mediators, the immune system, and the absorption of nutrients will all influence what’s going on in the skin – so topical skincare can only do so much.”

But which vitamins and nutrients have the biggest impact on our skin? Below, you’ll discover the best skin supplements to achieve a glowing complexion, plus our guide on what you need to consider before taking the plunge.

Best skin supplements: At a glance

How to choose the best skin supplements for you

“If we’re deficient in key nutrients for skin health or have chronic inflammation, the quality of our skin will be affected,” says Rhian Stephenson. Put simply: what’s going on inside will reflect on the outside.

I have a balanced diet – do I need a skin supplement?
It can be helpful to support a well-balanced diet with a skin supplement since a healthy diet can still be deficient in certain nutrients.

“A great example is vitamin A,” says Rhian. “Vitamin A is one of the most important nutrients for skin health, but individuals who follow a predominantly plant-based diet will often not get enough preformed vitamin A. Beta carotene (found in carrots, spinach, tomatoes and sweet potatoes) can be converted into active vitamin A; however, conversion is inefficient, linked to the status of other nutrients, and we actually need upwards of 12 to 20 times the amount of beta carotene to get the equivalent in active vitamin A.”

There are also other factors – such as stress and anxiety, for example – that play an intrinsic role in our skin health. “Stress has an enormous influence on skin, especially in conditions such as eczema and acne,” adds Rhian. “So, if we’re under chronic stress, supplementing with specific nutrients can be helpful in managing its effects.”

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Which vitamins and nutrients are best for skin health?

“My top nutrients for all-round skin health are vitamin A, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D – from there it depends on your individual concerns,” suggests Rhian.

Collagen is a popular one – and for good reason. Collagen is a protein and the main component of the connective tissue that makes up several of our body parts, including the ligaments and muscles. Not only does collagen give our skin its structure, but it strengthens bones and supports gut health, too. Since we produce less collagen as we get older, supplementation can help with everything from smoothing fine lines to improving elasticity, pore size, and muscle repair.

Vitamins C and E both play a vital role in skin health, as do B vitamins – look out for ingredients such as niacinamide (a form of vitamin B3) that’s both anti-inflammatory and offers antioxidant protection.

How do I know which supplements are best?

Always study the labels for products with the maximum number of vitamins and minimal additives. Some vitamins – particularly those of the gummy variety – have smaller amounts of each vitamin and are also filled with extra chemicals.

How we test skin supplements

Experts suggest that it can take up to three months to see the results of a supplement, so we test skin supplements by taking them for 90 days in order to determine whether they make any impact on our testers’ complexions. Supplements are also highly individual, so each one is tested by someone who feels they can benefit from the particular ingredients that feature in each product. As well as looking at the make-up of the formula, the quality of the ingredients, how straightforward they are to incorporate into a day-to-day lifestyle, we also note any visible improvements to our testers’ skin concerns, alongside the price point and whether or not they are vegan friendly.

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The best skin supplements you can buy in 2023

1. ZitSticka Skin Discipline: Best supplement for acne

Price: £36 | Buy now from ZitSticka

Continuing ZitSticka’s incredible lineup of products for acne-prone skin types is this formulation of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and fatty acids to help improve the appearance of troubled skin. Designed to support both skin and gut health, these contain zinc (known to boost healing and help fight infection), triple-distilled omega-3 EPA, and niacin, a form of vitamin B3 that works to calm and soothe angry skin, as well as a cocktail of other digestive-boosting ingredients. They’re not vegan, since they contain fish oil and have a gelatine-based capsule (don’t be put off by the fish oil, though – these are infused with a minty flavour to disguise the taste!). Our tester – who for a long time was sceptical about supplements specifically targeting acne having tried a few varieties – was totally bowled over by Skin Discipline and now wouldn’t be without them. It takes three months to see a real difference, but the difference was astounding, with a noticeable reduction in redness, scarring and breakouts.

Key details – Type: Capsule; Supply: 30 days; Vegan: No

Buy now from ZitSticka

2. ZENii Pro Hydrate: Best supplement for dehydrated skin

Price: £50 | Buy now from Dermoi

On those weekends when you’ve overindulged, with dehydration beginning to manifest on your face in the form of dullness, dark circles and breakouts, this liquid formula from ZENii contains water-binding hyaluronic acid and replenishing vitamin C to give your skin that much-needed boost. Take it regularly and you’ll also reap the benefits of plumper, smoother skin, and much-improved dark circles. Vitamin C is also a great antioxidant, which means it can hoover up the toxic chemicals – aka free radicals – our cells naturally produce. It’s certainly palatable, with a subtle lemony taste. Take it as a shot or add it to your daily smoothie.

Key details – Type: Liquid formula; Supply: 30 days+; Vegan: Yes

Buy now from Dermoi

3. Artah Skin Clinic: Best supplement for correcting and protecting

Price: £52 | Buy now from Artah

This supercharged, multifaceted skin formula is designed to target a range of skin concerns, from fine lines and ageing to more visible skin conditions such as acne and eczema. As well as hyaluronic acid, zinc and vitamin C, it also contains vitamin A to speed up healing, prevent breakouts, and help promote and maintain a healthy skin barrier – think of it as an indigestible retinol. The recommended dose is three capsules per day, which can feel like a lot when most other brands require only one; but take one with every meal and it’s more than manageable – and soon became part of our tester’s daily routine. Around a month in, our tester noticed a vast reduction in active breakouts (and those that did crop up healed quickly), as well as an overall improvement in skin texture.

Note that too much vitamin A can be toxic (do not take more than the suggested dose) and should be strictly avoided if you’re pregnant.

Key details – Type: Capsule; Supply: 30 days; Vegan: Yes

Buy now from Artah

4. Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer – Coconut: Best tasting powder supplement

Price: £30 | Buy now from Vital Proteins

Powered by bovine hide collagen peptides (around 10g per serving) and coconut milk powder, this surprisingly tasty formula is perfect for anyone who finds taking supplements a chore – you can simply add it to your morning coffee. Collagen is one of the building blocks to healthy skin, hair and nails, helping to keep it plump and supple, and bovine collagen peptides are one of the most easily absorbed by the body. This of course does mean it isn’t vegan-friendly, but it’s both dairy- and gluten-free and contains no added sugar. Just add one to two scoops to 236ml of liquid – be it your matcha latte or breakfast smoothie – and watch it do the rest. You can even incorporate it into your favourite baked treat – collagen brownie, anyone?

Key details – Type: Powder; Supply: 24 days; Vegan: No

Buy now from Vital Proteins

5. Totally Derma Nutraceutical Collagen Drink: Best supplement for menopausal skin

Price: £105 | Buy now from Dermoi

Did you know that women can experience up to a 30% reduction in collagen, elastin fibres and hyaluronic acid in those first five years of menopause? For your skin that means you could notice it become dry, slack and thin, and for the rest of your body it could result in painful joints, hormonal imbalances and those dreaded hot flushes. Totally Derma is one of the only nutraceutical collagen supplements on the market that includes multiple types of collagen peptides to stimulate regeneration of the collagen structures of the skin and joints. It could also help repair a leaky gut – which could, in fact, be the root cause of some skin conditions such as acne. Its numerous in-depth studies show that results are obvious after 10 weeks, although our tester felt there was some improvement in the hydration and texture of her skin after just five weeks. It has a pleasant vanilla flavour that’s quite subtle – it’s also recommended that you mix this one with water.

Key details – Type: Powder; Supply: 30 days; Vegan: No

Buy now from Dermoi

6. Vida Glow Radiance: Best supplement for brightening

Price: £49 | Buy now from Sephora

Vida Glow’s Radiance formula contains a potent combination of vitamin C, zinc and plant-based antioxidants that work together to boost skin tone, firmness and brightness. So, if even a full nine hours leaves you looking tired with dark circles and hollow-looking eyes – and you want to fix it – then these glow-boosting capsules are designed to do just that. As well as noticing some improvement in her hyperpigmentation after taking one capsule daily for just a month (most supplements require around 90 days of use for visible results), our tester also loved the sleek packaging and colour-coordinated capsules, stating that for the price tag, this feels like a much more premium product.

Key details – Type: Capsule; Supply: 30 days; Vegan: Yes

Buy now from Sephora

7. Avea Life Booster & NMN Bundle: Best supplement for skin elasticity and energy

Price: £114 | Buy now from Avea Life

When it comes to vitamins and minerals, most work more efficiently when they’re consumed together as opposed to on their own. Cue this duo from Avea Life: the Booster supplement is designed to protect your body from cellular damage thanks to plant-based resveratrol, betaine and co-enzyme Q10. When taken with the brand’s NMN formula, a naturally occurring vitamin B3 that repairs DNA and helps you to feel rested and energised, the pair are an anti-ageing powerhouse. This means that not only will you see an improvement in your energy levels and cognitive function, but your skin will look better, too. It’s a huge claim, of course, and the supplements aren’t cheap; but our tester – a keen gym-goer – certainly felt the initial benefits from these in terms of fighting fatigue. She hopes to see visible improvement in her skin with continued use, too.

Key details – Type: Capsule; Supply: 30 days; Vegan: Yes

Buy now from Avea Life

8. Rejuvenated Collagen Shots: Best daily collagen with antioxidants

Price: £44.95 | Buy now from Rejuvenated

For anyone who prefers their collagen in powder form, this award-winning formula from Rejuvenated is a great all-rounder. Despite being packed with hydrolysed marine collagen – which can sometimes have that off-putting fishy taste or odour – our fish-hating tester found this easy to take. Simply stirring it into a glass of water every morning after breakfast, she likened it to a “weak squash” (it can also be enjoyed with a cold beverage of your choice). As well as high-strength collagen, it also contains antioxidant-packed acai berries, hyaluronic acid and vitamins B and C, and it’s free from common allergens. Be sure to purchase the accompanying scoop for easy dosing!

Key specs – Type: Powder; Supply: 30 days; Vegan: No

Buy now from Rejuvenated

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