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Apple to unveil TWO new Apple Watch Series 5 models

Looks like the iPhone 11 will debut with two new smartwatches in tow

As Apple gears up to launch its hotly anticipated iPhone 11, it has been revealed that the new handset will likely be flanked by not just one but two Apple Watches.

The imminent Apple Watch Series Five models are expected to be unveiled by the Cupertino-based company at its upcoming Apple Event in September.

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Fans will be gratified to hear that two new iterations of the smartwatch will likely appear this year, with collectors able to get their hands on a ceramic model and/or a titanium one. Both models will reportedly be available in a 40mm or 44mm size.

The news was first picked up by iHelp BR, which discovered the two new models in the watchOS 6 developers’ beta. More specifically, the publication unearthed a new pairing animation shown to users when they connect their smartwatch to an iPhone.

The new Apple Watches will reportedly debut on 10 September 2019; iHelp BR uncovered a hidden image labelled “HoldForRelease” in iOS 13 beta 7, revealing an iPhone home screen with its calendar set to the 10th. Apple is famed for releasing its products annually in September, so we’d put money on a 10 September release date.

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As for how the new models will look and operate, the ceramic and titanium options give us some clues. Both the Apple Watch Edition Series 2 and 3 were partially constructed with ceramic but have since been discontinued in the material. Now it looks like Apple has refined its techniques to create a top-of-the-line ceramic smartwatch.

Conversely, this will be the first time that Apple has dabbled in using titanium for its smartwatches. Current iterations of the Apple Watch come in Aluminium and Stainless Steel – but we don’t yet know whether Titanium will usurp these models, or whether Apple will continue to manufacture them.

We’ll be updating our full-length hub as and when we get more information on the upcoming Apple Watch Series Five models, so be sure to check in regularly here.

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