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How to use Kodi: How to use XBMC on your PC, Fire Stick, Android device and more

Got Kodi? Here's how to watch movies and films on XBMC – or listen to music

If you’re interested in watching films, TV shows and box sets, you’ll want to use Kodi. Originally designed for the first Microsoft Xbox, Kodi or XBMC is a piece of software that lets you stream things from the internet or local storage to pretty much any device. But the best bit? Kodi is open source and 100% free, so it’s easy to download, use and even customize if you like. However, when you first install Kodi, it can look a little daunting at first. So, want to know how to use Kodi? Keep reading.

After booting up Kodi, you’ll be taken to the software’s main homescreen, and it’s actually pretty easy to use, too. Kodi’s main screen uses a type of carousel, and that makes it easy to operate whether you’re using anything from a smartphone or tablet to widescreen TV or PC.

How to watch videos on Kodi

  1. You’ve probably got Kodi to stream your own videos, or those on the internet – and luckily it’s pretty simple to do. To access your own stuff, first click on Videos | Files | and then use Kodi’s built-in browser to flick through your locally saved media. To make things easier, it’s possible to group or your videos together in a folder too, so they’re easier to find next time.
  2. If you’d rather stream content from the web click Video Add-ons | Get More and then you’ll be taken to a list of extensions that let you stream even more content. You can find some of the best addons recommended by Alphr, here. After finding one you want, click Install.
  3. Once you’re watching your chosen content, Kodi provides navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, so it’s easy to pause, fast-forward or rewind what you’re watching.

How to listen to music on Kodi

  1. Using Kodi for music is pretty similar to using it for video. That means, the first thing you need to do is select the Music tab on the main screen.
  2. After that you’ll be given two options: To listen to your own content go to Music | Files.
  3. To add your music in bulk, click Add Music, and then select the folder containing all your music and save it as a source. 
  4. To stream content off the web, click on the Add Ons | Get More. Now you’ll be able to browse all of the music extensions available for Kodi.
  5. Once you’ve selected what you want to listen to, Kodi will provide all the on-screen navigation controls you’d expect – and even album art if you have it.

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