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How to remove extensions from Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari and speed up your browser

Having too many extensions will slow down your browser – here's how to disable or delete them

Many programs you install will automatically add their own add-ons to your browser. While some of these can be useful, having too many add-ons will slow down your browser. The free program Auslogics Browser Care lists all your add-ons within Internet Explorer (IE), Chrome and Firefox, letting you disable or delete unwanted ones easily. It also lets you set your default browser, change its homepage and search engine, and make it faster by deleting its cache, cookies and history.

  1. To install the program, head here and click the green Download Now button. Next, click the downloaded setup file, Run, then Yes. The program will try to install Auslogics BoostSpeed on your PC and add itself to your PC’s startup list, so make sure you select ‘Custom Install (Advanced)’, untick Install Auslogics BoostSpeed and ‘Launch program at Windows startup’. Next, click ‘Click to install’. Close any browsers that may be open on your PC.
  2. The program opens in a window divided into three tabs for IE, Chrome and Firefox. Your default browser will be highlighted. If you want to change it, click the browser tab you want and click ‘set as default browser’. To change the browser’s homepage, click that dropdown menu, select ‘Click here to enter your URL’, type (or copy and paste) the website address you want to use, then click OK.
  3. To set your default search engine, click the current default and choose another one (options include Bing, Google and Yahoo). If you see a pop-up window, confirm your choice, then click OK. In the middle section you’ll see a list of add-ons for your selected browser (we had over 50 for Internet Explorer). To find out what a specific add-on does, click to expand it, then click the ‘Google this add-on to learn more’ link. This will open the search results in your default browser.
  4. To disable add-ons, click the green ticks beside them. If an add-on you don’t need has a black bin icon beside it, click that to delete it permanently. To batch-disable or delete add-ons, tick the boxes to select them, click the ‘Batch operations’ dropdown menu, then click ‘Disable selected’ or ‘Delete selected’. 
  5. Auslogics Browser Care also lets you delete your browsing data (including cache, history, cookies and login data). To do this, click the ‘Show/Hide options’ link, tick what you want to remove, then ‘Clear data’. Your browser should now run faster, but if you notice any problems while using it, you should restore your browser to its default settings. To do this, close your browser, open Auslogics Browser Care, click the ‘Restore default browser settings’ link, then click Yes.
  6. If you log in to Chrome on your PC using your Gmail account, Auslogics Browser Care won’t let you make any changes to Chrome. This is because your Chrome browser settings (including bookmarks and history) are synced across all your devices. Instead, you’ll see a warning message, so in Step 7 we’ll show you how to disable or remove add-ons within Chrome’s settings. 
  7. Open Chrome on your PC, click the three lines at the top right, Settings at the bottom, then Extensions on the left. You’ll see a list of all your Chrome extensions (add-ons). Click the Details link below an extension to read more information about it. Untick the extensions you don’t want to disable them. If you’re sure you’re not going to need them later, click the bin icon, then Remove to delete them.

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