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LifeSort review

Our Rating :

A clunky and awkward way of keeping your files in sync. Don't dump Dropbox just yet


Alas, you have to pay extra for the Lock, Desktop and Quickflip features ($1.49 per month), and LifeSort’s core functionality isn’t good enough to persuade us that paying for more storage is a good idea either. Files must be marked for synchronisation manually, which is a pain. The user interface feels clunky and unintuitive, with folders that occupy too much screen space, and remain on top when opened, getting in the way until you dismiss them manually.

Neither are we convinced about the whole concept of categorisation. LifeSort’s structure feels forced and unnecessary – we’d rather just create our own folder structure – and the proliferation of folders makes it difficult to remember where you put what. We ended up sticking with just a couple of folders. It’s restrictive too, with the only way of customising it to remove and add items from a predefined list; there’s no way to add or rename items.

LifeSort folders

Although there’s a folder for website favourites, there’s no simple way of importing your preferred browser’s bookmarks, and with the free version, you have to put up with ads. Finally, there’s no mobile app for either iOS or Android, nor compatibility with Mac OS. These are all in the pipeline.

In short, we can’t see much point in choosing LifeSort. The UI is awkward and ugly, we can’t see the structure of the categories being useful to many people, and the extra pay-for features simply aren’t worth paying for. If you need a straightforward sync solution, go for Dropbox instead.

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