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Eclipse Internet broadband review

Our Rating :

A good choice for businesses who want to know exactly what they're getting from their broadband package

Eclipse Internet is a newcomer to our broadband survey, but this Exeter-based ISP is an established name and has done plenty to impress our respondents. Its customer satisfaction score was among the highest we’ve seen at 94 per cent.

In fairness, for the prices Eclipse charges, you’d expect good service. The Home Lite package is particularly poor value, providing just 2GB of data allowance for £12.50 per month. There’s also a £33.67 set-up charge, and extra gigabytes cost £1.27 apiece.

However, once you come to the more expensive – and expansive – packages, Eclipse comes into its own. If you’ve got £60 a month to spend, there’s the “Truly unlimited” Business Gold package. Eclipse states that this has no traffic shaping and no fair-use limitations. The advantages for heavy downloaders are immediately apparent, although you’ll need to be downloading an awful lot to get your money’s worth.

Eclipse’s fibre packages are also interesting. We appreciated Fibre Pro’s clearly stated 200GB monthly cap, and the fact that traffic from 11pm to 9am is entirely unmetered. Other benefits include unlimited static IP addresses – perfect if you want to provide remote access to machines on your network – and a text-only Usenet feed. However, at £60, this option isn’t particularly tempting when BT’s top-price fibre-optic package has no monthly cap and costs £28, with free calls thrown in too.

Between an excellent range of features and its impressive customer satisfaction scores, it’s impossible to write off Eclipse, despite its above-average prices.

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Broadband survey performance results

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These results were compiled from our online survey, where users were asked to rate their broadband supplier. In the case of customer satisfaction, this is an average of whether users would recommend their supplier and if they’re planning on staying with their current supplier.

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