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Databarracks Buddy Backup review

Buddy Backup
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This free, easy-to-use service turns your network of friends and contacts into a secure off-site backup resource

While most online backup and synchronisation services provide you with a certain amount of online storage on their own servers, Backup Buddy lets you securely store data on your friends’, family and colleagues’ computers instead. Don’t worry, though. They can’t look at your precious (or incriminating) data because the information’s encrypted before it’s sent to your friend’s computer, but be aware that they can also store their data on your PC.

If you’d rather not get your friends involved, you can simply set up an account for several of your own computers, such as your work and home PCs, for example. Although each computer must have its own account, you can have multiple accounts associated with the same email address. Each requires a unique username, however. You can then select the files and folders you wish to back up. An icon is then placed in your notification area that tells you if your files have been backed up or if they still need to be securely stored. An option is also added to Windows Explorer’s right-click menu that lets you easily select any file or directory to be added to your backup.

Buddy Backup

Buddy Backup is the digital version of storing your stuff in your parent’s attic

Before you can secure your data, you have to add a buddy. All you need to do is enter their email address and they’ll be sent an invitation to either join Buddy Backup or, if they’re already a member, let you back up to their PC. The client software shows you the status of your backups and lets you change the amount of space you share with your buddies. Other options let you chat with your buddies and restore backed up files or folders to the location of your choice. Backup Buddy stores every altered version of all the files you’ve backed up by default, but an option in the client’s Tools menu lets you remove versions older than a specified number of days at will. Backups are made in real time, as you change files, or when your buddies’ computers come online if none of your backup targets are online. You can also use Backup Buddy to back up your data locally to an external hard disk or network share.

Although Backup Buddy lacks features such as web access and synchronisation, it’s free and – assuming you have even slightly reliable friends or your own PCs in multiple places – it provides you with convenient off-site backups. Combine it with a free syncing service, such as Google Drive, and you have a powerful, convenient and entirely free data storage and sharing setup.


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