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TeamViewer 9 review

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Expensive, but this is a neat and elegant tool for online meetings and remote access to PCs

TeamViewer 9 provides a variety of tools for controlling PCs remotely and conducting virtual meetings, both of which are vital if your business and clients are spread across multiple locations. You can even control computers remotely with an Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8 device. TeamViewer 9 is free for personal users, but business users are obliged to pay for the service.

You must install the TeamViewer client on every system you want to control and those computers that people will use for online meetings. During installation, you’re given the option of enabling TeamViewer’s VPN and remote printing features. The VPN is particularly useful if you need access to the remote system’s network as well as the PC itself.

TeamViewer 9

The main interface is a no-frills affair. The Computers & Contacts window lists the computers associated with your account. You can also the contact information of other TeamViewer users, although you’ll have to add these contacts manually first. In both cases, this makes it easy to invite people to meetings or request access to their PCs. If a computer has a permanent password configured, you’ll be able to access it remotely at any time, whether the user is using the PC or not. Otherwise, a shortcut option lets you request that the system’s user grants you access. You can also invite any system on your list to attend a meeting.

TeamViewer’s remote access interface is excellent. Whereas web-based rivals such as LogMeIn display remote desktop sessions in a web browser, TeamViewer uses its own desktop application. You can change the resolution of the remote system and adjust how the remote system’s desktop is displayed locally. You can show the desktop at its original resolution, scale it to fit your own, or expand it to full screen.

The TeamViewer command bar, which appears at the top of the remote desktop window, is very well designed, with clearly labelled buttons that provide access to commands and settings relating to both your remote session and the computer you’re accessing. You can configure TeamViewer to accept keyboard shortcuts as though you were sitting at the remote PC, open separate windows for each display of a multi-monitor setup, transfer files from your PC to the remote system and start chat or voice sessions with a user at the other end. It’s by far the most elegant remote desktop interface we’ve used, and its support for multiple displays is particularly welcome.

TeamViewer 9 Remote Access Screen

A stand-out feature is the ease with which you can communicate with the user on the other end of the link. Whether working collaboratively or guiding a colleague through a technical issue, there are definite advantages to being able to start a VoIP session to discuss what needs to be done. Of course, there’s always the option of disabling input to the remote system if the person on the other end can’t keep their hands off the mouse while you’re trying to fix their problem.

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