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Why a battery storage system is the smart way to meet your energy needs

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Bluetti’s EP760 battery storage system could help you minimise your energy costs and give you independence from the National Grid

In a world where energy costs have grown more unpredictable, the appeal of solar power and home battery storage systems has never been clearer. What’s more, these systems are becoming both more affordable and more accessible. Not only is the technology getting cheaper, but VAT on battery storage systems was eliminated in February this year. On top of that, Bluetti, a leading player in the solar battery storage field, is offering an extra £500 discount on its EP760 storage systems until the end of September 2024.

Household use of solar power is steadily growing in the UK. More than 1.5 million solar panel installations have now been carried out, covering just under 2% of UK homes. Last year, research from the British Gas Homes Index survey found that 42% of UK homeowners were considering installing solar panels in the next two years. With a battery storage system, the energy being harvested can be used not just to power household appliances and gadgets in the here and now, but stored for use at night or on subsequent days.

This is useful for three very good reasons. First, it gives you a backup. Is your home plagued by frequent power cuts? Are you in a remote or rural area and feel you’re too reliant on the National Grid? A battery storage system gives you independence. Come rain, come shine or in the middle of the night, you can have electricity should the National Grid fail you. In fact, you can have backup power within ten milliseconds of any failure of your mains supply.

Second, it’s an effective means to reduce your energy bills. Provided you can use your solar panels for four or five hours per day, you’ll have all the energy you need for the rest of the day and the night. You can store the power when it’s available in plenty, then use it when you need it most.

Third, it’s a way to minimise your carbon footprint. Instead of using power from a mix of renewable and fossil sources through the National Grid, you can rely on your own solar energy to cover most or all of your household needs.

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Taking control of your household energy

The EP760 storage system makes this easy. DC power from your solar panels is passed through the EP760 inverter, where it’s efficiently converted to AC power for household use. But any energy not consumed is collected in the B500 batteries, where it’s stored until you need it. Each B500 battery can store up to 4.96kWh, and you can stack up to four for a total 19.8kWh. Meanwhile the EP760 can deliver a single-phase output of up to 7.6kW, giving you enough output to cover the needs of an average house.

The EP760 storage system also puts you in control. Using the Bluetti app, you can monitor and analyse your home’s energy production and consumption in real-time, adjusting the settings to achieve your energy goals. You can change when and how your battery charges and discharges to make the most of the system’s capabilities to ensure that you have energy when you need it, and to make sure you’re taking full advantage of your solar panels.

What’s more, you no longer need a lot of space to house a battery storage system. The EP760 itself is surprisingly compact: 626mm x 324mm x by 368mm (WDH). The B500 batteries measure 636 x 325mm and stand just 338mm high. With a durable aluminium casing and IP65 moisture and dust protection, you can house the system in a garage, a basement or even stacked against an outside wall, and it will look good and stay quiet wherever you put it, with noise levels under 50dB even at peak power. And because the EP760 uses high-quality LiFePO4 cells, you can expect reliable running for years to come, backed up by a ten-year warranty and comprehensive after-sales support.

Even if you don’t have solar panels, the EP760 storage system could be very useful. Connected to a mains source it can still provide a useful backup, especially if you live somewhere remote where a power outage could become a serious issue. It can also help you take advantage of special tariffs that give you lower rates during off-peak hours. With a battery storage system, Economy 7 isn’t just for cheaper heating; it could help you power the whole house.

Sounds interesting? Bluetti has a growing network of local offices and service points across the UK and Europe, providing pre-sales advice and info, speedy and effective installation and responsive customer support. Whether you’re looking to connect to an existing solar panel setup or build a new, more efficient one from scratch, the EP760 could help you reduce your energy costs and take control of your energy supply – and make the most of free power from the sun.

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