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Best sledge: Hit the slopes with our pick of the coolest sledges for winter snow days

Dash through the snow on a safe and sturdy sledge this winter

Nothing beats the excitement of waking up to a thick covering of snow. And if train cancellations and road closures are preventing you from reaching the office or classroom, then the only reasonable course of action is to embrace the elements and hurtle down a hillside on a sledge. While the UK isn’t known for its ski resorts and toboggan runs, there are plenty of cheap thrills to be had by schlepping up to the top of the nearest hill, mound or verge and carving up a storm on the way down.

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For maximum fun and minimal risk of injury, you’ll want a sledge that’s safe, sturdy and easy to manoeuvre and one that can glide across icy patches as well as powdery snow. And of course you’ll need to make sure it’ll support your weight on the way down, and that of your child (and/or dog) if you’re planning to carry extra passengers onboard.

We’ve sifted through a pile of sledges to highlight a selection of the best options for sledgers of all ages, sizes and budgets. From traditional wooden setups to cheap and cheerful buys, you should find one to suit your needs on this page. And while some are designed specifically for children, they’re all geared up to let you channel your inner child.

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How to buy the best sledge for you

What type of sledge should I buy?

This will largely depend on who will be using it and how adventurous you want to be on the slopes. There are two main types on the market: plastic tray-style sledges that lie close to the ground and allow you to sit with your legs outstretched, and traditional wooden sleds that feature a slatted seating area on runners. And there are shovel sleds and scooters to consider too.

An authentic wooden sled is a design classic and built to last, and the metal runners mean it can pick up a lot of speed if that’s what your after. It’s a bulky buy though; something to think about it you’re short on storage space. If you’re looking for a fun and affordable option to use infrequently, your best bet is probably a plastic sledge, although bear in mind that the material can split and crack on particularly bumpy terrain.

How much should i spend on a sledge?

You can pick up a basic plastic sledge from around £10, which should serve you well for a few outings a season. If you’re looking for something that’ll go the distance and provide family fun for many winters to come, you might want to think about investing in a more expensive wooden model. If you live in a particularly hilly area that gets a lot of snow, it’s wise to consider paying for extras like brakes, tow ropes and carry handles to make steering and carrying a little easier.

Our pick of the best sledges to buy

1. Wed’ze red tray sledge with brake: Best plastic sledge

Price: £30 | Buy now from Decathlon

With its classic tray-sledge design, brakes and tow rope, this bright red model from Decathlon’s ski brand, Wed’ze, ticks a lot of boxes. It’s easy to manoeuvre with side brakes and handles, and is made from high-density polyethylene for strength and flexibility. Spacious enough for an adult and a child under ten (with a combined weight of 100kg), it’s hard to fault and comes with a two-year guarantee so you can put it through its paces in the local park.

Key specs – Maximum weight: 100kg; Dimensions: 101 x 48 x 14 (LWH); Sledge weight: 2.7kg; Material: HDPE plastic

Buy now from Decathlon

2. Davos wooden sledge: Best traditional sledge

Price: £80 | Buy now from Halfords

Inspired by the sports sleds used in the world’s first toboggan race in Switzerland, this traditional wooden sledge can bring a bit of St Moritz to St Albans. Made from beechwood, the frame features a slatted seating deck and skids that sit on galvanised-steel runners. It’s solid, speedy and is a design classic that’ll look good on the slopes year after year. Annoyingly it doesn’t come with a tow rope to attach to the front so you’ll need to buy that separately. Or complete the vintage look with bit of old rope you have knocking around.

Key specs – Maximum weight: 90kg; Dimensions: 90 x 38 x 28 (LWH); Sledge weight: 4kg; Material: Beechwood and galvanised steel

Buy now from Halfords

3. Snow baby sledge: Best for babies and toddlers

Price: £28 | Buy now from Halfords

Keep your bundle of joy safe on the snow with this bright red baby sledge from Halfords. Its high sidewalls, sturdy seating area and low centre of gravity ensure it’s all geared up to provide a snug and secure ride. For added peace of mind there’s an adjustable seat belt and anti-slip seat padding, while the pull rope features a hand grip for easy toddler towing.

Key specs  – Maximum weight: 20kg; Dimensions: 68 x 55 x 29 (LWH); Material: HDPE plastic

Buy now from Halfords

4. Chad Valley Alpha Sledge: Best basic sledge for kids

Price: £10 | Buy now from Argos

If you don’t want to splurge on a snow day, this budget buy from reliable toy brand Chad Valley is a good option. Designed for kids weighing up to 60kg and available in red and blue, it’s a classic tray shape design with a pull rope at the front to help with steering and dragging.

Key specs  – Maximum weight: 60kg; Dimensions: 92 x 41 x 12 (LWH); Material: Polyethylene; Minimum age: 3

Buy now from Argos

5. Snow scooter: Best alternative sledge

Price: £24 | Buy now from Amazon

This fun snow scooter lets you zip down hills at full speed and is suitable for both kids and adults (although you’ll have to adopt a squat position if you’re particularly tall). The non-skid board provides a secure footrest and the handle offers support as you whizz down. The set up feels something like a snowboard with stabilisers, so it’s a cheap introduction to the world of wintersports without having to commit to a week in the Alps, and it’s foldable so it’s easy to store and carry.

Key specs – Dimensions: 75 x 23 x 93 (LWH); Material: Polyethylene; Minimum age: 5

6. Parallax Meerket Bum Skid: Best budget sledge

Price: £10 | Buy now from Sports Direct

Making the cut for the name alone, this bright red shovel sledge is a no-frills option for a quick trip to the nearest snowy hill. Easy to sling in a tote bag or stash in a cupboard, it’s a basic sledge to keep on hand for when the conditions are just right. Best for small hills, you can expect a bumpy ride atop this compact sledge and you might find you spin round on the way down but that’s all part of the fun of tearing down an icy slope.

Key specs – Dimensions: 56 x 34 (LW); Material: Plastic

Buy now from Sports Direct

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