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Best golf gloves 2023: Our pick of the best golf gloves from £10

Improve your game with the best golf gloves that money can buy

Owning a pair of the best golf gloves on the market could be the first step towards improving your game in both the short and long-term. Of course, clubs, shoes and technique are all very important, but finding the correct glove could do more for your scores than you think.

There are two main types of golf gloves: those made from leather and those from synthetic material. Some golf gloves are optimised for comfort whilst others are designed to maximise your control over the club. And with an array of big-name golf brands on offer, choosing the perfect glove for your needs can be a minefield.

We’re here to answer the key questions about finding the best golf glove to suit your playing style. Following our top tips for choosing a golf glove, you’ll find our recommendations for the best golf gloves on the market, to help you hit the green and avoid becoming stranded in the sand bunker.

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Best golf gloves: At a glance

How to choose the best golf glove for you

When should I buy a new golf glove?

If you’re a complete newcomer to the game, purchasing a quality golf glove should be high on your list of priorities. You won’t be ready to go out on the course – or even visit the driving range – until you have a decent glove as part of your armoury.

For experienced players, we would recommend keeping at least two or more golf gloves in your bag at any time, just in case you suffer any unexpected rips or tears out on the course. Being able to tell when you need a replacement glove is easy: just keep an eye out for any small holes in the material which could widen over time, and ensure that you’re able to grip your clubs properly at all times. If your grip doesn’t feel the way it should, it could be time to invest in a new golf glove.

How much should I spend?

The price of a standard golf glove can range from as little as £7 right up to as much as £40 for some of the highest-end products on the market. Having said that, the casual golfer should be looking to spend somewhere in the region of £20-25. That way, you can ensure a level of quality without breaking the bank unnecessarily.

However, you should also bear in mind the number of rounds you will be able to play before the inevitable wear and tear comes into play. Spending that little bit more could be a long-term investment when it comes to buying the best golf glove for you.

What size glove should I buy?

Every good golfer will tell you to buy a glove that is ever so slightly too big for you. The worst thing a new or experienced golfer can do is a buy a glove that is too small, as this could lead to considerable discomfort during your three or so hours on the course, and your swing could be compromised as a result.

This doesn’t mean you should get a glove that feels baggy on your hand. When you first buy your glove, it should be tight to your skin and you shouldn’t be able to pinch the material between your fingers. Over time, the glove will expand as you wear it in, leaving you with the perfect fit.

Should I buy a leather or synthetic glove?

The trade-off between leather and synthetic golf gloves is a simple one. Leather golf gloves will give you the most comfort, which is why you’ll find most professionals on the circuit wearing them. Synthetic gloves, on the other hand, tend to offer more durability and therefore value, making them an attractive option, particularly if you regularly play in poor weather conditions.

We would therefore recommend a synthetic glove to those new to the game, and a leather equivalent to those who are looking to improve their scores and participate in competitions.

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The best golf gloves you can buy in 2023

1. TaylorMade Tour Preferred Flex Glove: Best all-round golf glove

Price when reviewed: From £23 | Check price at Amazon

Sitting just below our recommended price range of £20-£25, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove is a product to suit individuals of all abilities. Available for both right and left-handed players, and in a range of sizes from Cadet S to XXL, the Taylormade glove offers something for everyone, and for a leather glove it’s reasonably priced at £21.

Perhaps the only drawback is that the Preferred Flex Glove is only available in white, but it nevertheless features an attractive design from a big brand name that you can trust, so you can be assured of its quality. An equivalent women’s glove is also available from Amazon at the slightly cheaper price of £20, albeit only for right-handed players.

Key features – Material: Leather; Colours available: White; Ball marker: No; Hand: Left and right (men’s)

2. Mizuno Elite Golf Glove: Best golf glove for value

Price when reviewed: £9.99 | Check price at Amazon

This hybrid glove from Mizuno combines leather and synthetic materials to give you a healthy combination of comfort and durability, which will stand you in good stead if it’s a good quality, good value glove that you’re after.

The Mizuno Elite glove comes with absolutely no frills attached, available only in white and in two sizes: medium and large. However, it will last longer than most out on the course and, at only £10, it’s a good option for part-time players, or as a second option to keep in your bag if you take your game that bit more seriously.

Key features – Material: Hybrid; Colours available: White and black; Ball marker: No; Hand: Left

3. Zero Friction Golf Glove: Best golf glove for beginners

Price when reviewed: £10 | Check price at Amazon

The Zero Friction Compression-Fit glove is perfect if you’re new to the game. Its lightweight design means you barely notice it’s there when you first pick up your club, allowing you to focus on what’s really important: honing your swing.

Unlike many of the gloves on this list, Zero Friction’s offering is available in a range of colours, including red, yellow, fuchsia and even ‘desert camo’ (pictured). It also comes with a handy tee and ball marker attached, meaning there’s one less thing to worry about including in your bag before you head out on the course.

Key features – Material: Synthetic; Colours available: Multiple; Ball marker: Yes; Hand: Left and right

4. FootJoy WinterSof: Best golf gloves for winter

Price when reviewed: £21 | Check price at American GolfFootjoy Wintersof Golf glove

Though the name suggests otherwise, leading golf wear brand FootJoy does an excellent line in gloves, specialising in producing different models to suit different conditions. That includes these WinterSof gloves which, you guessed it, are specifically designed to keep your hands warm during the colder months.

You get twice as many gloves for your money, as WinterSof gloves are designed to be worn on both hands during your round. There’s no ball marker, but the gloves are fitted with a handy tee holder, meaning you won’t have to take the gloves off to route around in your bag for a tee on a frosty morning.

Key features – Material: Synthetic; Colours available: Black; Ball marker: No; Hand: Left and right

View deal at American Golf

5. CaddyDaddy Claw Golf Glove: Best golf glove for durability

Price when reviewed: From £17 | Check price at Amazon

CaddyDaddy is to golf gloves what Land Rover is to cars: virtually indestructible. The machine-washable Claw – an affordable glove at only £17 in a large size – will last you 3-5 times longer than a leather equivalent, and at a lower price point.

Despite its relative sturdiness, the Claw retains a lightweight feel, and it’s mesh fabric allows for flexibility despite its bulky appearance. A women’s version is also available from Amazon, as well as right-handed and black versions of the men’s glove.

Key features – Material: Synthetic; Colours available: White, black; Ball marker: No; Hand: Left and right

6. Callaway Authentic Glove: Best-looking golf glove

Price when reviewed: From £19 | Check price at AmazonCallaway Tour Authentic golf glove

In our opinion, the Callaway Authentic men’s tour glove is the best-looking golf glove on the market today. It’s simple but pleasing aesthetic makes use of straight lines and a monochrome colour scheme to create a glove that is very easy on the eye.

Though not quite as practical as the CaddyDaddy and FootJoy models above, the Authentic is nevertheless crafted from premium leather, resulting in a comfortable, lightweight feel. And if it’s a big name brand you’re after, you can’t get much bigger than Callaway – sponsor of tour pros including the likes of Jon Rahm, Henrik Stenson and Phil Mickelson, no less.

Key features – Material: Leather; Colours available: White; Ball marker: No; Hand: Left and right

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