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Best football boots for wide feet in 2023

Whether you’re a super sub or playing ninety minutes, the best football boots for wide feet will deliver comfort and performance

Buying the best football boots for wide feet can be a hassle these days. With such a variety to choose from it’s easy to get bogged down in technical jargon, but if you want longevity and comfort, it all comes down to how the boots fit. We’ve narrowed the list down and selected our top picks, so you can choose fuss-free with confidence.

With football being a high intensity sport, injuries or knocks are common enough without adding blisters to the list. Knowing the dimensions of your feet will help you better navigate the key specs when looking for a new pair, helping to ensure you find the right fit.

In our roundup below, we’ve selected the best football boots to suit those with wider feet, but if you already have an idea of what you want, you can simply check out the at a glance list below for our top picks.

Best football boots for wide feet: At a glance

How to choose the best football boots for wide feet

Should I measure my feet?

Yes! Measuring your feet is a simple and effective way to ensure you purchase the right boots. Although it may seem an easy thing to do, there is a surefire way of getting an accurate measurement. For the best results:

  • Measure your feet at the end of the day. Your feet tend to swell as the day goes on, so this will ensure you get an accurate measurement.
  • Take the measurements while wearing football socks. This will guarantee an accurate reading for the boots.
  • Take a piece of paper and place your foot flat on top. Bend your knees slightly or sit down to ensure you’re well planted, then trace around your foot. You can do this yourself or for a more accurate reading, ask someone to trace for you.
  • In millimetres, measure from the tip of your big toe to the outermost part of your heel, then measure the width of your foot at its widest points.

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Which upper material should I choose?

These days, the upper material on football boots is either leather or synthetic. Although most modern boots consist of the latter, leather boots are still going strong.

Here’s what each type can offer:

Leather: Leather boots have dominated the game for over a hundred years. When football first began, boots were made from thick leather that could weigh up to half a kilogram. However, over the years, leather boots have been developed to provide long-lasting durability without the bulkiness. The introduction of K-leather has also proved to be a game changer. A thinner yet stronger leather, new boots now weigh less, remain waterproof and perform just as well. Leather boots will take a few games to break in, but once they have, they’ll offer a comfortable feel with consistent control.

Synthetic: Synthetic boots have emerged over the last couple of decades. Designed to be much lighter than their leather counterparts, the ultra-lightweight boots offer players better movement and feel on the ball. Although they are fully waterproof, they can become slick in the rain, making it harder to gain a good grip on the ball when taking a touch. Despite not having the long-lasting durability of leather, synthetic boots are widely used across the top professional leagues in the world.

Which type of collar should I choose?

The collar is found at the opening of the football boot. For many years the collar has remained the same, a standard low-cut which exposed the ankles. However, in more recent years, boots have been developed to incorporate mid and high-cut collars. The mid-cut includes fabric that covers some of the ankle while a high-cut is almost like a sock, covering all of the ankle. Each collar will offer varying levels of support but as always, it comes down to personal preference when choosing.

What kind of cleats/studs do I need?

Cleats, or studs as they’re more commonly known, are found on the sole of football boots. These days, choosing the right studs comes down to how often you’re playing and where you play. To determine what you need, we have broken down the variations below:

Soft Ground (SG) studs are for soft, wet or muddy ground, as the name suggests. They are made of metal and are slightly longer than firm ground studs, which allows them to dig into the ground and offer maximum traction for running and turning. Soft ground studs are interchangeable and although they are the preferred choice for professional games, they can be utilised if you are playing on public pitches.

Firm Ground (FG) studs are for use on hard ground and/or artificial playing surfaces such as 4G and 5G. The soleplate consists of shorter studs that are not interchangeable. Firm ground studs consist of either conical, moulded studs or blades, all of which are made from either plastic or rubber. Normally the preferred choice of boot, they offer versatility for all-round use.

How much should I spend?

When looking for football boots, it’s easy to get carried away. With so many options on the market, different styles, variations and new technology, new boots will normally range between £50 to £250. However, the prices usually correlate with the class. Most will offer an Elite, Pro or Academy version of the same boot, with the prices dropping in relation to the class.

Although prices have seen an increase in the last decade or two, understanding what you need and the level you play at can help you spend wisely.

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The best football boots for wide feet in 2023

1. Nike Phantom GX Elite: Best versatile football boots for wide feet

Price when reviewed: £235 | Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

Nike’s Phantom GX series are the Mercurials for wide feet. Both are designed for speed and nimble movement, however, the Phantoms provide a wider fit in comparison to their narrower counterpart. Featuring the new Gripknit technology – added traction on the upper forefoot – the Phantom GX provides excellent close control with a natural feel. The lightweight, stretchy, synthetic upper wraps kindly around the foot making it a comfortable fit for wider feet. They are water resistant like most, but unlike some synthetic boots, they maintain performance in wet weather, holding a good grip on the ball for first touches.

The Phantom GX also boasts dual stud types, featuring conical and star shaped cleats on the soleplate that allow for quick and versatile movement in all directions. Understandably, the elite grade is quite expensive, but you can also purchase the Phantom GX Pro and Academy class at a lower price.

Key specs – Studs: Available in SG and FG; Material: Synthetic high tenacity and flyknit yarn (upper and collar); Rubber (soleplate); Weight: 204g

Check price at Sports Direct

2. Puma Future Ultimate: Best comfortable football boots for wide feet

Price when reviewed: £190 | Check price at Puma

Designed for ultimate comfort and feel, the Puma Future Ultimate are a step up in football boot engineering. Arriving with FUZIONFIT360 for a stretchy and natural feel around the foot and PWRTAPE, which delivers upper reinforcement support and extra stability for fast-paced and agile movement, they’re a great option for all players – but in particular those with wide feet.

The upper also features 3D texturing at key contact areas on the foot, specially focused on improving grip and close control when dribbling, passing or shooting. These lightweight, low-cut boots are an excellent option for those looking to find consistency in their performance.

Key specs – Studs: Available in FG and AG; Material: Synthetic FUSIONFIT360 knitted (upper); Rubber (soleplate); Weight: Not specified

Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

3. Nike Premier 3: Best durable football boots for wide feet

Price when reviewed:£100 | Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

The Nike Premier III is a reliable yet stylish boot. The upper consists of soft K-leather, making it both flexible and durable for long-lasting performance. The Premier III isn’t just for durability, though. The premium leather will provide a natural and comfortable fit while also benefiting close control and first touch. Equipped with conical studs, they will deliver consistent traction for quick turns and sprints when playing on firm or even slightly wet ground.

For those of football generations gone by, the Premier III also includes a hint of nostalgia, featuring the lesser seen fold-over tongue. If this isn’t your style, however, it does have a cut line for the option of removing it. If taken care of, these good looking, old-school boots will prove a long-lasting investment.

Key specs – Studs: Available in SG and FG; Material: K-leather (upper); Rubber (soleplate); Weight: 244g

Check price at Sports Direct

4. Mizuno Neo Morelia III Beta Elit: Best premium football boots for wide feet

Price when reviewed: £140 | Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

The stunning, lightweight Morelia III combines supple K-leather and synthetic mesh to provide maximum comfort and performance. Elegant in design, Mizuno has created a streamline boot with a taller toe box to deliver extra space and, alongside the stretchy mesh material under the laces and around the collar, offer a comfortable fit for wider feet without skimping on performance.

The soft K-leather on the forefoot will offer enhanced control, making that killer touch a little easier to master. It also offers reinforced conical studs on the soleplate for consistent and reliable action on firm ground. Although the Morelia III Elite is a little pricey, Mizuno do offer the Morelia Pro at a slightly more reasonable price.

Key specs – Studs: Available in SG and FG; Material: K-Leather and synthetic mesh (upper); Rubber (soleplate); Weight: 200g

Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

5. New Balance Furon V7 Pro: Best lightweight football boots for wide feet

Price when reviewed: £125 | Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

The super-lightweight Furon V7s offer a secure, supportive fit and impressive performance. The upper consists of a flexible, synthetic forefoot while the collar features a breathable mesh material and tongue tab for easy on and off. Unlike the others in our line up, the Furon V7s include off-set laces, these not only benefit a comfortable fit for wide feet but also increase the striking area on the instep.

Underneath, the nylon soleplate includes multidirectional blades for increased traction when making quick turns or sprinting, making them both lightweight and agile on firm ground. New Balance also offer the Furon V7s at a cheaper price in class variations with the V7 Destroy and V7 Dispatch.

Key specs – Studs: Available in SG and FG; Material: Synthetic (upper and collar); Nylon (soleplate); Weight: 180g

Check price at Sports Direct

6. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro: Best football boots for wide feet and enhanced control

Price when reviewed: £125 | Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

The Nike Tiempo range has come a long way since its first release in 1994. The Legend 9 is one of the lightest variations yet: the upper is made from premium calfskin leather and features textured stitching and foam padding on the forefoot to benefit close control and a consistent first touch.

The integrated mesh under the laces provide added comfort for wider feet, while the lightweight sole plate includes conical studs for agile movement, quick sprints and stability on firm ground. The Tiempo Legend 9 also comes at a lower price in the form of the Tiempo Legend 9 Academy.

Key specs – Studs: Available in SG and FG; Material: 100% Calfskin Leather (upper); 100% Polyester (lining and collar); 100% Rubber (soleplate); Weight: 215g

Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

7. Adidas Copa Mundial: Best overall football boots for wide feet

Price when reviewed: £120 | Check price at Pro Direct Soccer

The stalwart of football boots, the Adidas Copa Mundials were first introduced in 1979 and are the best-selling firm ground boots of all time. It’s easy to understand why: the simple, sleek and instantly recognisable design is known globally. However, looks alone don’t make the Munidals as successful as they have been. The latest edition features soft, supple K-leather that is both flexible and durable. Older leather football boots would soak up moisture in wet conditions, but the Mundials benefit from a quick-drying synthetic lining on the upper to prevent this.

The polyurethane soleplate has conical moulded studs for consistent traction on firm ground while maintaining a natural, comfortable feel. Building on their already proven reputation, the Copa Mundials won’t just last you 90 minutes, they’ll last you for seasons to come.

Key specs – Studs: Available in FG; Material: K-Leather (upper); Polyurethane (soleplate); Weight: 314g

Check price at Sports Direct

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